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The foreach Statement
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<script> var newMap=null; function DisplayMap() { newMap = new VEMap('MapPane'); newMap.LoadMap(new VELatLong(47.7512121212, -122.43234), 9 ,'r'); } function AddPin() { var loc = new VELatLong(47.75, -122.43); var pin = newMap.AddPushpin(loc); pin.SetTitle(txtTitle.value); pin.SetDescription(txtDescription.value); } </script> <body onload="DisplayMap();"> <div id='MapPane' style="position:relative; width:600px; height:400px;"></div> Title: <input id="txtTitle" value="" /><br /> Description <input id="txtDescription" value="" /> <input id="btnAddPin" type="button" value="Add Pushpin" onclick="AddPin()" /> </body>
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public T Pop() { return dataArray[--currentPos]; } } This is the same pattern as for covariance. We can now cast the GenericStack<Car> to an IPush<VolvoC30>, like this: // create a GenericStack<T> using the base type GenericStack<Car> carStack = new GenericStack<Car>(); // convert to the contravariant interface IPush<VolvoC30> volvoPush = carStack; // push in a value via the contravariant inteface volvoPush.Push(new VolvoC30()); This is type safe because we can only use the contravariant type to input derived objects via the interface, and the derived objects are also instances of the base type.
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AcceptChanges() is actually the simplest of the three methods. If changes are being accepted, it means that the current values in the object are the ones that should be kept, and the most recent snapshot is now meaningless and can be discarded. Like CopyState(), once this method is complete, an Overridable AcceptChangesComplete() method is called to allow subclasses to take additional actions. In concept, this means that all AcceptChanges() needs to do is discard the most recent snapshot: mStateStack.Pop() However, it is important to remember that the object may have child objects, and they need to know to accept changes as well. This requires looping through the object s fields to find any child objects that implement Csla.Core.IUndoableObject. The AcceptChanges() method call must be cascaded to them, too. The process of looping through the fields of the object is the same as in CopyState() and UndoChanges(). The only difference is where the method call is cascaded: ' the field is undoable so see if it is editable If GetType(Csla.Core.IUndoableObject). _ IsAssignableFrom(field.FieldType) Then Dim value As Object = field.GetValue(Me) ' make sure the variable has a value If Not value Is Nothing Then ' it is a child object so cascade the call DirectCast(value, IUndoableObject).AcceptChanges() End If End If Simple field values don t need any processing. Remember that the idea is that the current values have been accepted so there s no need to change those current values at all.
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That s it. Make those changes, save your file, and you re ready to deploy. Save your solution before continuing. Open an Explorer window, navigate to your solution folder, and double click on install.bat. You may see some error messages, for example when GACUtil tries to remove your assembly (the uf line). The first time you run install.bat, there is nothing to uninstall. There are other similar situations like this, especially the first time you run the installer. If you see other errors, however (like my unsigned assembly), you ll need to do some troubleshooting. If there are no unexpected error messages, you re done. Your Workflow Feature is successfully installed. The moment of truth is at hand. Open a document library, select Document Library Settings from the Settings menu, and then click Workflow Settings from the Permissions and Management section. On the next screen, click the Add a Workflow link. Finally, we re at the screen we need. Select MarketingCampaignASP from the list of available workflow templates at the top and give it a unique name. Leave all of the other options set at their defaults and simply click the Next button. Voil ! Our ASPX association form is shown on screen in all of its workflow-form glory see Figure 7-15. Fill in a valid name and email address for your environment and click OK.
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Some kinds of variables are automatically set to default values if they are declared without an initializer, and others are not. Variables that are not automatically initialized to default values contain undefined values until the program assigns them a value. Table 3-5 shows which types of variables are automatically initialized and which are not. I will cover each of the five variable types later in the text. Table 3-5. Types of Variables
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select * from bom where item_id=11 and org_id=2;
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} } - (void)touchesMoved:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { UITouch *touch = [touches anyObject]; CGPoint touchPoint = [touch locationInView:self.view]; if(hudIsDragging) { [hud setCenter:CGPointMake(touchPoint.x + dragOffset.x, touchPoint.y + dragOffset.y)]; } else { [selectedPod setCenter:touchPoint]; } } - (void)moveLeft { [selectedPod setCenter:CGPointMake(selectedPod.center.x - 1, selectedPod.center.y)]; } - (void)moveRight { [selectedPod setCenter:CGPointMake(selectedPod.center.x + 1, selectedPod.center.y)]; } - (void)moveUp { [selectedPod setCenter:CGPointMake(selectedPod.center.x, selectedPod.center.y - 1)]; } - (void)moveDown { [selectedPod setCenter:CGPointMake(selectedPod.center.x, selectedPod.center.y + 1)]; } - (void)dealloc { [hud release]; [super dealloc]; } @end
Which version of the method is being called The .NET runtime looks at the parameter types to figure this out, and since numeric literals are inferred to the smallest possible numeric type, we have effectively provided two int parameters. Therefore, we get the first version of the method, which sums the numeric values. If we wanted the second method version, we would have had to override the numeric type inference with a type suffix, like this:
The result is a standardized mechanism by which the developer can check all business objects for validity. The UI developer should also be able to retrieve a list of currently broken rules to display to the user (or for any other purpose). Additionally, this provides the underlying data required to implement the System.Component Model.IDataErrorInfo interface defined by the .NET Framework. This interface is used by the
Note You need to use an account that has execute privileges on the DBMS_LOCK package. I granted my demo
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Specifies how the contents of the brush fill the bounding space. Possible values are None, Uniform, UniformToFill, and Fill. The default value is Fill.
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