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7: Windows Azure .NET Services Workflows
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Downloading and Installing iTunes Software
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You can improve the flow of your application by helping your user more quickly ascertain the meaning of your controls. An effective technique in for this is the show; don t tell principle. The old clich that a picture can tell a thousand words may be overused, but it still holds true. We are all used to the fact that a well-conceived and familiar icon can more succinctly convey the meaning of a button than a simple label.
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The StockTrader Web service has evolved in this chapter to where it delegates all requests to a business assembly (StockTraderBusiness). If a client contacts the Web service to request a stock quote, the Web service delegates the request to the business object s RequestQuote method. The Web service does not know or care how this method returns a stock quote, but it does expect to receive one every time it makes a request. For the next evolution of the StockTrader Web service, your company signs a partnership agreement with another company that is a premier provider of stock quotes. You decide that going forward, the StockTraderBusiness assembly will delegate all stock quote requests to this external service. The StockTrader
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CHAPTER 10: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, and More
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The alternative to hiding a base class method is to override it. If we override a method, then our new version is always used, irrespective of whether we are referring to an object as the base class or the derived class. Listing 9-33 contains an example. Listing 9-33. Overriding a Method using System; class BaseClass { public virtual void PrintMessage() { Console.WriteLine("Base class message"); } } class DerivedClass : BaseClass { public override void PrintMessage() { Console.WriteLine("Derived class message"); } } class Listing 33 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a new instance of the derived class DerivedClass dClass = new DerivedClass(); // print out the message dClass.PrintMessage(); // create a new instance of DerivedClass but // assign it to a BaseClass local variable BaseClass bClass = dClass; // print the message bClass.PrintMessage(); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); }
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The Stack<T> Collection
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Note This is an assumption that is true only for this case; see the next recipe for a general approach.
Properties and Resources tabs on the right-hand side (Figure 15-7).
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