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The IEnumerable Interface
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Implementing a Generic Producer-Consumer
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Listing 12-24. Using the STL/CLR Container from Listing 12-23 in a C# Program // consume_fromcs.cs // csc /r:stlclr_exposedtocs.dll consume_fromcs.cs using N; using System.Collections.Generic; class C { public static void Main() { R r; r = new R(20); IList<int> list_dotnet = r.Vec; foreach (int i in list_dotnet) { System.Console.Write( i ); } System.Console.WriteLine(); } } Listing 12-24 uses the for each statement to iterate over the STL/CLR container in a C# program as if it were a .NET collection. This is made possible because the .NET generic collection classes implement IEnumerable. This also means that you can use enumerators to iterate through an STL/CLR collection just as you would an ordinary .NET collection.
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Most types have empty values that are obvious, but DateTime is problematic as it has no empty value: Public Function GetDateTime(ByVal name As String) As Date Dim index As Integer = Me.GetOrdinal(name) Return Me.GetDateTime(index) End Function Public Overridable Function GetDateTime(ByVal i As Integer) As Date _ Implements System.Data.IDataReader.GetDateTime
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Using HTTP REST to Query the Top N Entities
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Figure 5-11. Running the basic validation sample
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the activities our composite activity can contain based on any number of properties or details. For more capabilities and scenarios available to you, see the sidebar Box What Box
With the web.config options shown previously, users can use the site without logging in, but the concept of logging in is supported. The goal is the same as with PTWin in 9: allow all users to perform certain actions, and allow authenticated users to perform other actions based on their roles. When a user chooses to log in, the <forms> tag specifies that he will be directed to Login.aspx, which will collect and validate their credentials. Figure 10-9 shows the appearance of Login.aspx.
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