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You can also perform the setup using an administrative helper type built into the Framework: SqlCacheDependencyAdmin. This type exposes a number of static methods (see Table 11-5). There are pairs for enabling and disabling databases and tables, and a method for retrieving a list of tables set up for notification. You can use these methods from an administrative tool during development as an alternative to the aspnet_regsql command line tool, or use them to dynamically set up and tear down dependencies at runtime. You ll use this type to build a simple admin tool for setting up databases and tables for SQL cache dependencies. You ll use a drop-down list and a grid view to display databases and tables (see Figure 11-7). You can use this interface during project development to configure cache dependencies.
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Listing 2-4. Displaying Calendar Names
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Create a new C# Workflow Activity Library project called SendEmailC. Rename Activity1.vb to SendEmailVB.vb. Again, the composite Activity1 will be within the workflow. Open the properties for this activity and change the Name property to SendEmailVB. Click the ellipse next to the BaseClass property. This opens the .NET type window. Click the System.Workflow.ComponentModel assembly under the Referenced Assemblies selection. Click the Activity type so the type name at the top of the box is System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity. Click OK. This changes the class the activity inherits from to the Activity class, instead of the SequentialActivity class that was used in the previous example. You ll also notice that the design of the activity within the designer has changed. Change the Description property to Use to send email via SMTP, uses C#. You define properties for a new activity using the DependencyProperty. To create a DependencyProperty, first you need to declare the property using the following format: Public static [Property Name] as DependencyProperty = DependencyProperty.Register([Name others will see], typeof([data type],typeof[activity class name])); The properties for this activity would be defined as follows: namespace SendEmailC { public partial class SendEmailC : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity { public static DependencyProperty FromProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("From", typeof(string), typeof(SendEmailActivity), new PropertyMetadata("someone@example.com")); public static DependencyProperty ToProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("To", typeof(string), typeof(SendEmailActivity), new PropertyMetadata("someone@example.com"));
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Note The keyword const is not a modifier, but part of the core declaration. It must be placed immediately
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Nearly every application uses strings, which can stress the garbage collector if not used correctly. The following sections show you how to use strings and encodings effectively.
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Figure 7-4. Service help page
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ErrorCount WarningCount InformationCount GetFirstMessage(string) GetFirstMessage(string, RuleSeverity)
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Follow these steps to create a calculated item that adds the Shipped, Pending, and Backorder items. 1. In the pivot table, select a cell in the Row Labels area that contains an Order Status item. For example, select cell A5, that contains the Backorder item. This step is necessary; otherwise, the Calculated Item command won t be available. 2. On the Ribbon s Options tab, in the Tools group, click Formulas, and then click Calculated Item. 3. Type a name for the Calculated Item, for example, Sold, and then press the Tab key to move to the Formula box. 4. In the Fields list, select Order Status, and in the Items list, double-click Shipped, and then type a plus sign (+). 5. Double-click Pending, type a plus sign, and then double-click Backorder. The complete formula is =Shipped+Pending+Backorder.
Table 10-5. Extended Properties of CslaActionExtender
Note In contradiction to the previous recipe, this time the positions are not transformed. This is because
String concatenation is a relatively common task in JavaScript especially when you need to dynamically inject HTML into a page via JavaScript. In such cases, plain old string concatenation can fast lead to very messy code. The Sys.StringBuilder class is somewhat similar to its .NET Framework counterpart (System.Text.StringBuilder) in that they both share similar method signatures for many of the methods. This class can also take in the initial string as its constructor. All methods are instance based and thus require an
The ValidationRules object also maintains a list of currently broken validation rules. This list was used in the CheckRules() methods, and is declared as follows: private BrokenRulesCollection _brokenRules; private BrokenRulesCollection BrokenRulesList { get { if (_brokenRules == null) _brokenRules = new BrokenRulesCollection(); return _brokenRules; } } Notice that the _brokenRules field is not adorned with either the [NotUndoable()] or [NonSerialized()] attributes. The list of currently broken rules is directly part of a business object s state, and so it is subject to n-level undo operations and to being transferred across the network along with the business object. This way, if a business developer transfers an invalid object across the network or makes a clone, the object remains invalid, with its list of broken rules intact. The BrokenRulesList value is also exposed via a public method. To any external consumer, such as code in the UI, this is a read-only collection:
public void CancelEdit() { if (this.IsChild) throw new NotSupportedException(Resources.NoCancelEditChildException); UndoChanges(this.EditLevel - 1); } public void ApplyEdit() { if (this.IsChild) throw new NotSupportedException(Resources.NoApplyEditChildException); AcceptChanges(this.EditLevel - 1); } All three methods are very straightforward and allow developers to create a UI that starts editing a collection with BeginEdit(), let the user interact with the collection, and then either cancel or accept the changes with CancelEdit() or ApplyEdit(). These methods also provide the implementation for ISupportUndo, allowing a UI developer or other framework author to polymorphically interact with n-level undo on any editable object.
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