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mc:Ignorable="d" d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="400"> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="110"/> <RowDefinition Height="30"/> <RowDefinition Height="*"/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Border Grid.Row="0" BorderThickness="3" BorderBrush="DarkBlue" > <Canvas x:Name="DropZoneCanvas" Background="Cyan" Height="104" AllowDrop="True" Drop="DropZoneCanvas_Drop" DragOver="DropZoneCanvas_DragOver" DragLeave="DropZoneCanvas_DragLeave" > <TextBlock HorizontalAlignment="Center" FontWeight="Bold" FontSize="14" Canvas.Top="40" Canvas.Left="30" > |Drop images here |</TextBlock> </Canvas> </Border> <TextBlock Grid.Row="1" FontSize="12" Height="26" Margin="8"> Click on thumbnails for larger size</TextBlock> <ScrollViewer Grid.Row="2" Height="450"> <toolkit:WrapPanel x:Name="ImageBox" Orientation="Horizontal" ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Auto"/> </ScrollViewer> </Grid> </UserControl> As highlighted in the code, to enable drag-and-drop functionality, the AllowDrop property of the DropZoneCanvas Canvas layout control is set to true. You also need to implement at least the Drop event for this control to enable drag-and-drop files. As highlighted in the code, in addition to the Drop event, we have wired DragOver and DragLeave events to the Canvas control. Visual Studio will add the related event handlers automatically. Also notice that we have used the WrapPanel control to display the inserted images, which is part of the Silverlight toolkit. Traditionally, if you are using Silverlight 3 or 2, you need to reference the Silverlight Toolkit in the XAML by declaring the xmlns and providing definition per namespace and assembly. Silverlight 4 supports the XmlnsDefinition attribute to declare the namespace for custom assemblies. Silverlight SDK and Toolkit now support the XmlnsDefinition attribute and you do not need to define all referenced assemblies and namespaces explicitly (see the preceding highlighted code to declare the Silverlight toolkit). We completed the XAML implementation now let us switch our focus to the code-behind of DragnDrop user control. The Drop event, for the DropZoneCanvas control, will retrieve one or more dragged and dropped files from the local system. Then it will validate whether each file is of the right image file type (PNG or JPG). It will insert all valid image files within the WrapPanel and notify users about any
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This crude calculation establishes the base value of a Honda at $30,000 (unless it is a Pilot, in which case, it is $40,000). Other makes of car have a base value of $20,000. Depreciation is then subtracted from the car s base value at $2,000 per year of age.
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Enums only have a single member type: the declared member constants. You cannot use modifiers with the members. They all implicitly have the same accessibility as the enum. Since the members are constants, they are accessible even if there are no variables of the enum type. Use the enum type name, followed by a dot and the member name. For example, the following code does not create any variables of the enum TrafficLight type, but the members are accessible, and can be printed using WriteLine. static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("{0}", TrafficLight.Green); Console.WriteLine("{0}", TrafficLight.Yellow); Console.WriteLine("{0}", TrafficLight.Red); } Enum name Member name
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One of the keys to creating great UI on the iPhone is taking a step back and thinking a bit about how users actually interact with the iPhone with their fingers. Yes, that s incredibly obvious, but something so obvious generally caries significance that few people take the time to explore. The finger is an incredibly efficient pointing device, far more efficient than the mouse. When the mouse was first introduced, it revolutionized human interaction with computers. I would argue that Apple s multitouch interface will, in time, prove to be even more revolutionary. A mouse manifests an unnatural disconnect between the motion of the user s hand and the action on screen. Most people these days have used a computer enough to be somewhat accustomed to the mouse, but if you watch someone use a computer for the first time, you ll see a definite learning curve to using a mouse! I ve even noticed a bit of a learning curve when using a new mouse or tracking settings with which I m unfamiliar. But the human finger, that s something just about every human being in the world is quite accustomed to using. We ve learned since birth how to control our fingers with an amazing level of precision and speed. Imagine if you were to attempt playing the piano with a mouse. Your tune would be choppy and unmusical at best. A touch-screen piano, however, would be playable, even if it didn t match a real piano for feel and accuracy. The more I thought about the finger as a means of interaction the more intrigued I was by how drastic the shift was from the mouse to multitouch. That s when it finally hit me. Taps are cheap! If the appropriate action is obvious to the user, the time actually required for that user to tap the proper spot on the screen is miniscule. Confusion about where to tap wastes far more time than an extra tap. Again, this conclusion may seem quite obvious. After all, ambiguity has been a challenge in all human computer interfaces, and reducing ambiguity has been one of the pillars of good interface design. But the iPhone is the first graphical computer interface where the speed and precision of the pointing device makes the physical action of pointing almost irrelevant when considering the time it takes to accomplish a specific result. Let that sink in for a minute taps are cheap. Understanding the finger as an input device is key in the process of making good interface decisions for the iPhone. Here s quick example: Let s say you are designing a simple yes/no questionnaire. Each participant will be asked a series of questions verbally and should respond by selecting yes or no. Some will be responding using a computer and mouse; others will be responding using an iPhone. To make the interface as intuitive as possible, you quickly decide that the Yes button should be green and the No button red (assuming a US audience and ignoring for a moment other cultural interpretations of color). Both buttons should have very easy-to-read text that is visually isolated from the background. Figure 1-12 shows what these buttons might look like on the iPhone (if you didn t hire a graphic artist).
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Figure 6-6. Constant fields act like static fields, but do not have a storage location in memory.
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