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T0 = C0
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That s all you need to do to tell OpenGL to draw the scene in landscape mode. However, as far as the iPhone is concerned, you re still in portrait mode, so you will need to remember to swap any x/y values that the iPhone gives you such as touch coordinates and accelerometer vectors.
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SELECT @newLastChanged = LastChanged FROM Roles WHERE Id=@id RETURN The Role object calls this stored procedure when it needs to insert its data into the database. As with the other add procedures, this one returns the new value of the LastChanged column for use by the business object.
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After you have set up your development PC and installed Visual Studio, you re ready to install the .NET Micro Framework SDK. You can find a link to the latest SDK on the official MSDN .NET Micro Framework page at www.microsoft.com/netmf.
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public MenuWindow(SpriteFont spriteFont) { itemList = new List<MenuItem>(); changeSpan = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(800); selectedItem = 0; changeProgress = 0; windowState = WindowState.Inactive; this.spriteFont = spriteFont; } You indicate that a transaction between two menus should be completed in 800 milliseconds, and a menu starts in Inactive mode. You can read all about the SpriteFont class and how to render text in the previous recipe. Next, you need a method that allows you to add items to the menu: public void AddMenuItem(string itemText, MenuWindow itemLink) { MenuItem newItem = new MenuItem(itemText, itemLink); itemList.Add(newItem); } The item s caption, as well as the menu that needs to be activated when the user selects the item, is passed in by the main program. A new MenuItem is created and added to the itemList. You also need a method that will activate an Inactive menu: public void WakeUp() { windowState = WindowState.Starting; } Like almost any component in an XNA application, this class will also need to be updated: public void Update(double timePassedSinceLastFrame) { if ((windowState == WindowState.Starting) || (windowState == WindowState.Ending)) changeProgress += timePassedSinceLastFrame / changeSpan.TotalMilliseconds; if (changeProgress >= 1.0f) { changeProgress = 0.0f; if (windowState == WindowState.Starting) windowState = WindowState.Active; else if (windowState == WindowState.Ending) windowState = WindowState.Inactive; } } This method will receive the number of milliseconds that have passed since the last update call (usually, this will be 1000/60 milliseconds; see recipe 1-5). If the menu is in transition
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The name of your game goes here. This can be just a working title for now, to be finalized at a later time.
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Sigh. Bad pun my apologies to John Keats. Anyway, as you likely know, URN is an acronym for Universal Resource Name. According to RFC 2141 from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), URNs are intended to serve as persistent, location-independent, resource identifiers (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2141.txt). Great, that and five bucks will buy me a coffee. What does that really mean and why should we care We care because InfoPath uses URNs to uniquely identify our forms. Technically, URNs are not guaranteed to be unique. It is possible for two InfoPath forms to have the same URN, but you d almost need to force it to happen. So, for our purposes, consider URNs to be unique. The important part of the URN, harkening back to the IETF definition, is that they are location-independent. Unlike URLs, which are very location-dependent, the URNs for our forms are going to be the same whether they come from our local hard drive or whether they are delivered from the SharePoint server. This is important because the location of our forms is almost guaranteed to change. We develop them and set the configuration for them locally and then the deployment process copies them to the SharePoint server. I won t go into the makeup of the InfoPath URN here. InfoPath generates them for us we never need to worry about that so it s not that important to know what the various pieces mean. If you re interested, there s a pretty good blog entry from the InfoPath team located at http://blogs.msdn.com/infopath/archive/ 2004/05/20/136165.aspx that explains the makeup of the InfoPath URN. Intellectually, all of that is quite stimulating and someday it will win you a trivia contest. But honestly, who cares All I want to know is How do I get the URN for my form so I can put it into my workflow.xml file, finish this workflow, and go home Easy. Open your form from your solution folder (the published version of the form) in Design mode. Click File Properties and copy the URN from the ID field. Paste it into the appropriate place in your workflow.xml file and you re good to go.
Application-Specific Optimization
taskToken MarketingCampaign onTaskChanged
There are just a few more pieces to keep in mind when you re debugging: When your workflow fails at some point, you will get an ultra-useful message of either Failed on Start or Error Occurred. Not that either of those doesn t give gobs of helpful information right out of the gate, but they do mean different things: Failed on Start typically means that something prevented SharePoint (as the workflow host) from launching your workflow. Perhaps it can t find the workflow DLL check that things deployed properly and that the version of your assembly matches the information in the strong name in the workflow.xml file. Debugging your workflow here likely won t reveal anything. Error Occurred typically means that your workflow was launched but encountered an error. In this case, you ll want to debug your workflow as it will likely turn something up. In either case, you can occasionally get useful information from the workflow s cancellation and error report available from the Workflow Status page.
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