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The types of presentation technologies continue to multiply, and each comes with a new and relatively incompatible technology with which we must work. It s virtually impossible to create a programming framework that entirely abstracts presentation concepts. Because of this, the architecture and framework will merely support the creation of varied presentations, not automate their creation. Instead, the focus will be on simplifying the other tiers in the architecture, for which technology is more stable.
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Defining a TypeReader Capable of Serializing an Object of the MapData Class
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Table 4-17. Methods of the Sys.UI.DomEvent Class Method Name
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Figure 6-1. Title screen of Smiles for the iPhone
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Using the new Keyword on Virtual Functions
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The first iPhone game I created was called Falling Balls. It was based on an unnamed game I did in Flash back in 2001. The premise of the game was utterly simple. As you pressed the left or right cursor keys, a little stick-figure man ran back and forth at the bottom of the screen. From the top-left corner of the screen, round spiky objects fell down and bounced their way left to right. For each spiky ball that made it to the right side of the screen without hitting the stick man, you got one point. If any did hit him, he died, and the game was over. You can see the original game in Figure 8-1.
Note A manual filter is retained if a filtered field is moved to the Report Filter area, but a label or value
1. This is largely but not strictly true; for example, with additional language keywords, some valid C++ programs are not automatically valid C++/CLI programs, although ways are provided of working around these issues (see the discussion of the __identifier keyword in the Appendix).
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