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Running Listing 5-25 on an emulator will give you the following results: System Clock: 27.000000 MHz Slow Clock: 0.000000 MHz Glitch Filter Time: 100.0 ms On the other hand, the Digi Connect ME hardware prints the following: System Clock: 55.296000 MHz Slow Clock: 0.001000 MHz Glitch Filter Time: 100.0 ms
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Although you can work through many of the examples locally, it s more fun, if you can, to deploy them to the cloud even if your application just prints out Hello Azure ! So before you do anything else, sign up for an Azure account at
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The previous section used an interface that was already declared in the BCL. In this section, you ll see how to declare interfaces. The important things to know about declaring an interface are the following: An interface declaration can only contain declarations of the following kinds of function members: Methods Properties Events Indexers The declarations of these function members cannot contain any implementation code. Instead, a semicolon must be used for the body of each member declaration. An interface declaration cannot contain data members. By convention, interface names begin with an uppercase I (e.g., ISaveable).
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The different implementations of the Decorator pattern are related and as a whole form a grouping. This is useful to know because it enables the definition of a helper class to do some of the heavy lifting as illustrated by the following source code: public abstract class Decorator : Ingredient { protected Ingredient _nextIngredient; public Decorator( Ingredient ingredient) { _nextIngredient = ingredient; } public virtual String GetIdentifier() { return _nextIngredient.GetIdentifier(); } } The abstract base class Decorator implements a default constructor that manages the next Ingredient reference. The method GetIdentifier provides a mechanism to call the next Ingredient. The Decorator type provides a default implementation or a helper class for all Ingredient implementations. The link to the next ingredient could have been managed by a proxy as illustrated by the delegate-based Chain of Responsibility pattern. That approach isn t advisable, as the Decorator pattern is intended to be a self-contained grouping that can be dynamically modified. If a container manages the individual elements, then the individual elements would need to know about the container and its siblings. The end result would be an overly complicated hierarchy that would need to include the Mediator pattern to manage the individual references. Following is the source code that illustrates how the individual ingredients are implemented: public class Bun : Ingredient { private String _description = "bun"; public Bun() { } public String GetIdentifier() { return _description; } } public class Lettuce : Decorator { private String _description = "lettuce"; public Lettuce( Ingredient component) : base (component) { } public override String GetIdentifier() { return _nextIngredient.GetIdentifier() + " " + _description; } }
// Event declaration
Write(bool) Write(byte) Write(sbyte) Write(byte[]) Write(byte[], int, int) Write(char) Write(char[]) Write(char[], int, int) Write(decimal) Write(double) Write(short) Write(ushort) Write(int) Write(uint) Write(long) Write(ulong) Write(string)
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