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// Connect to first device that was found using (MFDevice device = deploy.Connect(portDefs[0])) { uint entryPoint = 0; if (device.Deploy( "c:\\myapp.hex", // deployment image "c:\\myapp.sig", // signature file (optional) ref entryPoint // return app's entry point )) { Console.WriteLine("Deploying succeded."); if (entryPoint != 0) // check if image has an entry point { Console.WriteLine("Executing application."); device.Execute(entryPoint); } } else Console.WriteLine("Deploying failed."); } } } } }
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26. When the Make Into Control dialog box appears, select Button as the control type, as I am
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You can have your iPod touch 4 give you an audible reminder, or alert, about an upcoming appointment. Alerts can help you keep from forgetting an important event. Follow these steps to create an alert: 1. Touch the Alert tab and then select the option for a reminder alarm. You can have no alarm at all or set a reminder anytime from five minutes before the event all the way to two days before it, depending on what works best for you. Touch Done to get back to the main Event screen.
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NOTE When writing out values in expressions WF uses VB.NET expression syntax, and requires you to contain values such as text property within quotes. I use quotes in this tutorial to make the text easier to pick out, but you should not enter the quote characters when setting properties such as Display Name.
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The syntax for using these features is clumsy (needing to mix array syntax and static methods), but the result is pretty good. Being able to treat arrays as collections is an exceptionally useful feature. Table 19-33 describes some useful members of the System.Array class. Table 19-33. Useful Members of the System.Array Class
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The BindingSourceHelper Class
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Figure 2-10. Framework classes used directly by business developers
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TypeDef Table Validity Rules
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g_descTbl := l_descTbl; dbms_sql.describe_columns( g_theCursor, l_colCnt, g_descTbl ); /* Create a control file to reload this data into the desired table. */ dump_ctl( p_dir, p_filename, p_tname, p_mode, p_separator, p_enclosure, p_terminator ); /* Bind every single column to a varchar2(4000). We don"t care if we are fetching a number or a date or whatever. Everything can be a string. */
Contrast this with a DataSet or an XML document, in which the business logic doesn t reside in the data container, but somewhere else typically, a Windows form or a web form. If multiple forms or pages use this DataSet, there is no assurance that the business logic is applied consistently. Even if you adopt a standard that says that UI developers must invoke methods from a centralized class to interact with the data, there s nothing preventing them from using the DataSet directly. This may happen accidentally, or because it was simply easier or faster to use the DataSet than to go through some centralized routine.
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