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In a physical n-tier configuration, the business object is automatically passed by value to the server, and the updated version is returned by value to the client. If the server-side data portal is running locally, however, simple object references are passed. This avoids the overhead of serialization and so forth.
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In the render loop, you test gTouched after you ve drawn the screen and react accordingly if it s not 0:
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create predicates explicitly or use a lambda expression to get the same effect. Listing 19-5 demonstrates both approaches used on the Exists method. Listing 19-5. Using Predicates with the Exists Method using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Listing 05 { class Listing 05 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create the list collection List<string> list = new List<string>() { "apple", "apricot", "banana", "cherry", "mango", "orange", "pear"}; // create a predicate that uses the // PredicateExample method Predicate<string> p = new Predicate<string>(PredicateExample); // use the Exists method with the predicate bool result1 = list.Exists(p); // use the Exists method with a lambda expression bool result2 = list.Exists(s => s.Length == 6 && s[0] == 'b'); // write out the results Console.WriteLine("Result1: {0}, Result2: {1}", result1, result2); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } static bool PredicateExample(string str) { return str.Length == 6 && str[0] == 'b'; } } } In this example, I create a List<string> and populate it with the names of seven different fruits. I create a Predicate<string>, which uses the PredicateExample method. This method takes a string and returns true if there are six characters in the string and the first character is b. The Exists method returns true if any of the elements in the list match the conditions in the predicate. This means that the predicate method is called for each element in the list until one of them returns true. In our example, this happens when we get to banana. I repeat this again using a lambda expression. Compiling and running the code in Listing 19-5 gives the following results:
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if (FirstEnum.Mem1 < SecondEnum.Mem1) // Error--different enum types Console.WriteLine("True"); } }
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Which Compilation Model Should You Choose
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From/To Animation: PointAnimation KeyFrame Animation: PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames Example usage: Animate the Center Point of a Rectangle
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Default Model Importer NodeContent Object MoldelTriangleProcessor ModelContent Obj(Triangles)
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RequestAllTradesSummary (Account : String) : Trades Bids[] : Trade Asks[] : Trade
// Method call // Method call
Design Patterns for Building Message-Oriented Web Services
MarkNew Method
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