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The film should now have been updated (if it hasn t, ensure that you have referenced the jQuery libraries in your master page as described in the section Changing the layout of ASP.NET MVC pages ). Note that you passed back the film property in the JSON object returned. That is how easy it is to update the model using client script.
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Asynchronous Delegates
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You have already seen single-line comments, so here I ll discuss the second type of inline comments delimited comments and mention a third type called documentation comments. Delimited comments have a start marker and an end marker. Text between the matching markers is ignored by the compiler. Delimited comments can span any number of lines. For example, the following code shows a delimited comment spanning multiple lines. Beginning of comment spanning multiple lines /* This text is ignored by the compiler. Unlike single-line comments, delimited comments like this one can span several lines. */ End of comment A delimited comment can also span just part of a line. For example, the following statement shows text commented out of the middle of a line. The result is the declaration of a single variable, var2. Beginning of comment int /*var 1,*/ var2; End of comment
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[NonSerialized()] private PropertyChangedEventHandler _nonSerializableHandlers; private PropertyChangedEventHandler _serializableHandlers; Notice that one is declared with the NonSerialized attribute, while the other is not. The BinaryFormatter ignores the first one and all objects referenced by that delegate field. Objects referenced by the second field are serialized as normal. The event declaration uses a block structure, including add and remove sections. Notice how the code in both sections checks to see if the event handler is contained within a serializable object. if (value.Method.IsPublic && (value.Method.DeclaringType.IsSerializable || value.Method.IsStatic)) If the event handler is contained in a serializable object, it will be added or removed from the serializable delegate; otherwise, it will be added or removed from the nonserialized delegate. The thing about events and inheritance is that an event can only be raised by code in the class in which it is declared. This is because the event member can only be accessed directly from the class in which it is defined. It can t be raised by code in classes that inherit from this class. This means that business objects can t raise the PropertyChanged event directly, even though that is the goal. To solve this problem, the code follows a standard .NET design pattern by creating a protected method that in turn raises the event. [EditorBrowsable(EditorBrowsableState.Advanced)] protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged(string propertyName) { if (_nonSerializableHandlers != null) _nonSerializableHandlers.Invoke(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName)); if (_serializableHandlers != null) _serializableHandlers.Invoke(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName)); } Any classes that inherit from the base class can call this method when they want to raise the event. This method is marked with the EditorBrowsable attribute, indicating that this is an advanced method. In C#, this means that the method won t appear in IntelliSense unless the IDE is set to show advanced members. In VB, this means that the method appears in the All tab in IntelliSense, but won t appear in the Common tab. The OnUnknownPropertyChanged() method covers a special case, different from the OnPropertyChanged() method. Where OnPropertyChanged() raises the PropertyChanged event for a single property, OnUnknownPropertyChanged() raises the event for a property with no name. [EditorBrowsable(EditorBrowsableState.Advanced)] protected virtual void OnUnknownPropertyChanged() { OnPropertyChanged(string.Empty); } There are a number of cases in which the object s state will change in such a way that it isn t possible to know which properties actually changed. In that case, this blanket notification approach ensures that data binding is aware that something changed, so the UI updates as needed. Passing a property name of string.Empty or null is a magic value that tells data binding to refresh all bound property values. The result is a base class that allows business objects to raise the PropertyChanged event, thereby supporting data binding and serialization.
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/** * * @param _return * the value for the _return property */ public void set_return(String _return) { this._return = _return; } }
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namespace SwimCalc { static class Program { /// <summary> /// The main entry point for the application. /// </summary> [STAThread] static void Main() { Application.EnableVisualStyles(); Application.SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault(false); Application.Run(new Form1()); } } } We don t need to edit this file, but you can see that a Windows Forms program has class and a Main method like any other C# program. The code statements in the Main method call members of the Application class in the System.Windows.Forms namespace, which contains most of the Windows Forms classes. The most important statement is this one:
The previous version of the StockTrader Web service implemented an interface definition file for operations and types. This file is no longer needed because the same information is now provided by the definition assembly. Create a new Web service project named StockTraderContracts in the Visual Studio .NET solution, and rename the .asmx file to StockTraderContracts. Use the Add Reference dialog box to set references to the StockTraderBusiness and StockTraderTypes assemblies. Listing 4-4 displays the pseudo-code listing for the StockTraderContracts Web service. Listing 4-4. Pseudo-Code Listing for the StockTraderContracts Web Service
If at all possible, you really want at least five dedicated devices for logging and optimally six to mirror your archives as well. In these days of 200GB, 300GB, 1TB and larger disks, this is getting harder, but if you can set aside four of the smallest, fastest disks you can find and one or two big ones, you can affect LGWR and ARCH in a positive fashion. To lay out the disks, you would break them into three groups (see Figure 9-5): Redo log group 1: Disks 1 and 3 Redo log group 2: Disks 2 and 4 Archive: Disk 5 and optionally disk 6 (the big disks)
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