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Figure 18-18. Implicit conversions for classes and interfaces
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public QTNode(VertexPositionNormalTexture[,] vertexArray, GraphicsDevice device, Texture2D grassTexture, int maxSize) { this.device = device; this.grassTexture = grassTexture; basicEffect = new BasicEffect(device, null); width = vertexArray.GetLength(0); height = vertexArray.GetLength(1); nodeBoundingBox = CreateBoundingBox(vertexArray); isEndNode = width <= maxSize; isEndNode &= height <= maxSize; if (isEndNode) { VertexPositionNormalTexture[] vertices = Reshape2Dto1D<VertexPositionNormalTexture>(vertexArray); int[] indices = TerrainUtils.CreateTerrainIndices(width, height); TerrainUtils.CreateBuffers(vertices, indices, out nodeVertexBuffer, out nodeIndexBuffer, device); } else { CreateChildNodes(vertexArray, maxSize); } } A node needs a 2D array containing all of its vertices, together with a link to the device and texture, as well as the size after which the nodes should stop splitting themselves into child nodes. A link to the device and texture are immediately stored inside the node. The width and height of the current node are extracted from the 2D array containing the vertices. Given all vertices of this node, you calculate the bounding box using the CreateBoundingBox method that you ll define in a minute. Finally, you check whether the width and height of the current node are smaller than the maximum size. If this is the case, you create a valid VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer from the vertices of the current node. If the node is larger than the maximum size, you split the node into four child nodes.
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Under the covers, this would use the previously mentioned maps. If the system didn t know about the mapping of file extension to mime type, you would have to add it to the map, allowing the receiving side of the message to know the proper type that the sender identified the body part to be.
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Figure 4-4. Instance members are distinct between class objects.
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It s quite possible for the user to delete a child object from the collection, and then add a new child object with the same primary key value. This means that the collection will have the original child object marked as deleted in the list of deleted child objects, and the new child object in the list of active objects. This new object will have its IsNew property set to True because it s a new object. If the original child object isn t deleted first, the insertion of the new child object will fail. Thus, the code first processes the list of deleted child objects, and then moves on to process the list of active child objects. Both the DataPortal_Fetch() and DataPortal_Update() methods set the RaiseListChangedEvents property to False before changing the collection, and then restore it to True once the operation is complete. Setting this property to False tells the base BindingList(Of T) class to stop raising the ListChanged event. When doing batches of updates or changes to a collection, this can increase performance.
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The last general (potential) benefit of partitioning is in the area of enhanced statement (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE) performance. We ll take a look at two classes of statements those that modify information and those that just read information and discuss what benefits we might expect from partitioning in each case.
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As reported, child cursor 0 was marked with LOAD_OPTIMIZER_STATS set to Y (IS_SHAREABLE in V$SQL is set to N for this child cursor, indicating that it will no longer be used); child cursors 1, 2, and 4 were created because of ROW_LEVEL_SEC_MISMATCH (an indication of adaptive cursor sharing); and child cursor 3 was created because of OPTIMIZER_MISMATCH and OPTIMIZER_MODE_MISMATCH. In V$SQL, IS_BIND_SENSITIVE (bind peeking was used to generate the execution plan, and the execution plan selected depends on the peeked bind values) and IS_BIND_AWARE (cursor is using adaptive cursor sharing) are specified as Y for child cursors 1, 2, and 4, while only IS_BIND_SENSITIVE was set for child cursor 0. Child cursor 3 was created with session-altered values for OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE and OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ. The IS_BIND_SENSITIVE and IS_BIND_AWARE columns were introduced in Oracle 11.1. For more information, see Metalink Doc ID 296377.1.
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Follow the pattern illustrated in Figure 9-1.
This code produces the following output: Print1 Print2 Print1 Print2 ----instance static instance static
And that is all there is to it parallel direct path loads made easy. The most important thing to consider with these operations is how space is used (or not used). Of particular importance is a side effect called extent trimming. Let s spend some time investigating that now.
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