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You may know the unique ID (endpoint address or logical address) of a well known device but not its transport address, particularly if you have already discovered a device and stored the ID in your application settings. Resolving allows you to locate an already known device by providing you the ability to get information about a device, including its transport address, using its endpoint address. To resolve a client with its endpoint address, you need to call the Resolve method (see Listing 6-12). You will get either one resolve match or nothing (null) if the device could not be resolved. A resolve match contains information similar to a probe match. As already shown, a probe match is a DpwsServiceDescriptions object that is a collection of DpwsServiceDescription objects. A resolve match is a single DpwsServiceDescription object. Listing 6-12. Resolving a Known Device with its Endpoint Address using using using using System; Microsoft.SPOT; Dpws.Client; Dpws.Client.Discovery;
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As an example, the following code declares two classes: DaysTemp and Program. The two fields in DaysTemp are declared public, so they can be accessed from outside the class. Method Main is a member of class Program. It creates a variable and object of class DaysTemp, and assigns values to the fields of the object. It then reads the values of the fields and prints them out. class DaysTemp { public int High = 75; public int Low = 45; } // Declare class DaysTemp
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You want to add a 2D post-processing effect to the final image of your XNA program, such as a blur, ripple, shock, sniper zoom, edge enhancement, or other post-processing effect.
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Often, when working with models created with different tools or models found on the Internet, you cannot make any assumptions about the size of the model. So, it would be nice if you could load the model and scale it to the size you want. The following code calculates how much the model needs to be scaled down, depending on your liking. It expects the global BoundingSphere to be stored inside the Tag property of the Model, as explained in the previous recipe. private Matrix[] AutoScale(Model model, float requestedSize) { BoundingSphere bSphere = (BoundingSphere)model.Tag; float originalSize = bSphere.Radius * 2; float scalingFactor = requestedSize / originalSize; model.Root.Transform = model.Root.Transform * Matrix.CreateScale(scalingFactor); Matrix[] modelTransforms = new Matrix[model.Bones.Count]; model.CopyAbsoluteBoneTransformsTo(modelTransforms); return modelTransforms; } You need to pass the model to this method and indicate how large you want the final model to be. The method starts by retrieving the global BoundingSphere of the Model (explained in recipe 4-5). You need to double the radius of a sphere to find the size of the sphere, which, in the case of this bSphere, corresponds to the original size of the loaded model. Next, you find how much the model needs to be scaled by dividing this value by the requested size. You can use this scaling factor to create a matrix from. When you set this matrix as the World matrix when rendering the Model, your Model will be scaled down to the size you wanted.
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Example: A Scrabble Game
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Using Table Properties and Row Objects
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