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using System.Windows.Navigation; using System.Threading;
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Silverlight 4 does include a few key enhancements to protect, process, and deliver media-richer RIAs. Support for Offline Silverlight Digital Rights Management (DRM) powered by PlayReady with the OOB applications will help to deliver the media in the offline mode in a more protected and managed environment. As discussed earlier, integration capabilities with webcam and microphone and audio and video client-side recording capabilities provide numerous opportunities to develop audio/video interactive RIAs.
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To use this utility, you simply feed the tool the name of the assembly containing classes you need to configure with the /c switch for configure. You can also use /fc if there s a possibility that the application already exists, and you just want to add your types to it. After registration with COM+, the .NET attributes applied to your types will determine the default configuration of the components. You (or an administrator) can always go in and use the MMC snap-in for Component Services to change and further refine them.
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Measuring and Arranging Elements
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Figure 10-11. The structure of a single-file assembly
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Figure 11-34. A text element with a blue border Listing 11-22. Displaying a Text Element with a Blue Border using System; using Microsoft.SPOT; using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation;
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For example, you might use a service-oriented model to create a service that is available on the Internet. However, the service implementation might be n-tier, with the service interface on the web server and parts of the business implementation running on a separate application server. The result is a reusable service that enjoys high performance and security and avoids duplication of code.
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If someone let s say his name is Marek wants to securely communicate with someone else call her Leonie they need to use their public/private key pair as explained in the following cryptography flow: 1. Marek needs to know Leonie s public key, and Leonie needs to get Marek s public key. They each need to possess their own private key and the public key of the other person. 2. Marek encrypts a message addressed to Leonie using Leonie s public key and sends it to her. 3. Leonie decrypts Marek s message using her private key. 4. Leonie replies. She encrypts the message using Marek s public key and sends it to him. 5. Marek decrypts Leonie s message using his private key. 6. Marek replies. He encrypts the message with Leonie s public key, and sends it to her. They can repeat this flow of encrypted messages indefinitely.
4. Now go to the Properties panel and with the newly added Behavior selected in the Objects
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