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As discussed earlier, you can do this regardless of the locking approach you take. Both pessimistic and optimistic locking may employ the SELECT FOR UPDATE NOWAIT query to verify the row has not changed. Pessimistic locking would use that SELECT FOR UPDATE NOWAIT statement the instant the user indicated her intention to modify the data. Optimistic locking would use that statement immediately prior to updating the data in the database. Not only will this resolve the blocking issue in your application, but it ll also correct the data integrity issue. Since a MERGE is simply an INSERT and UPDATE (and in 10g and above, with the enhanced MERGE syntax, it s a DELETE as well), you would use both techniques simultaneously.
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Although CSLA .NET for Silverlight is not the topic of this book, it also has a data portal that serializes objects, and BusinessPrincipalBase is designed to work with CSLA .NET for Silverlight as well.
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CHAPTER 1: Simplify the User Interface for Complex Games: Chess, the Deep Green Way
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The SocketPolicyConnection Class
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When the iPhone came out and we saw the first applications, it was suddenly clear that FontShop has to join that new mobile platform. One of the reasons was, of course, that selling special fonts for the iPhone might be a future business. The iPhone operating system in its current version doesn t allow the installation of third-party fonts. Nobody knows at the moment when and how that will happen. By accident, FontShop Germany was working on its new web site at that time. One of the brand new features for it was a visual search function with the working title FontShuffle. The concept and the technical structure of that application were finished. And as an isolated application with a playful approach, it seemed to be ideal for an iPhone transfer and so it came to be. Although we are all confronted with printed text every day, and a lot of readers have sympathy for well-designed pages, not everybody is aware of what is happening behind the scenes of typeset words. Therefore, in this chapter, I will first dip into the terminology of typography and the art and techniques of arranging type. This will help understanding the functionality of and the skills required to develop (and use) FontShuffle.
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Games icons
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As just discussed, a value type can be instantiated in two different ways: as a value or as an object. The variant instantiated on the managed heap is often called a boxed object. The object acts only as a box for the real value. Like many other .NET languages, C++/CLI supports an implicit conversion from a value V to a tracking handle of type V^. int i = 5; int^ i2 = i; tutorial
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Drawing Rectangles with Color Gradients
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To add an event handler to an event, the handler must have the same return type and signature as the event s delegate. Use the += operator to add an event handler to an event, as shown in the following code. The method can be any of the following: An instance method A static method An anonymous method A lambda expression For example, the following code adds three methods to event Elapsed. The first is an instance method using the method form. The second is a static method using the method form. The third is an instance method using the delegate form. Class Instance method mc.Elapsed += ca.TimerHandlerA; // Method reference form mc.Elapsed += ClassB.TimerHandlerB; // Method reference form Event member Static method mc.Elapsed += new EventHandler(cc.TimerHandlerC); // Delegate form Just as with delegates, you can use anonymous methods and lambda expressions to add event handlers. For example, the following code first uses a lambda expression and then an anonymous method. mc.Elapsed += (source, args) => { Console.WriteLine("Lambda expression."); }; // Lambda expression
// Class instances // Struct instances
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