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Use Timestamps for Message Verification
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The .NET Framework offers programmers considerable improvements over previous Windows programming environments. The following sections give a brief overview of its features and their benefits.
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The PopupControl extender allows you to easily enhance an existing control, such as a TextBox, in your page with richer content that is hosted inside another control (most often a Panel control). An important point to note here is that because most often this richer content contains interactive element(s), using an UpdatePanel is highly recommend to handle postback issues and make a responsive AJAX-style user experience. Table 8-11 displays the main properties of the PopupControl extender.
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The Renamed event uses the RenamedEventArgs class, which is derived from FileSysemEventArgs and adds two properties: the OldName returns the previous name following a rename event. The OldFullPath returns the previous fully qualified name. The values of the WatcherChangeTypes enumeration are listed in Table 20-17. projects qrcode
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One difference between the Windows concept of a service and the concept of a Unix daemon process=is that a service is required to register itself. Another difference is that a Windows service is controlled by the operating system, whereas Unix daemons are not.
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the same. In this case, you could drop the line that passes the input to the base.Process method, because the input is already useful as output. In more complex cases, however, you will want the base.Process method to convert the input object to a workable output model for you. For example, if you extend the model processor, you will first want the base.Process method to convert the input NodeContent to a ModelContent object for you, because this involves a lot of work. Once you have this default ModelContent object, you re free to extend/change it to your liking. See recipe 4-12 for an example on extending the model processor.
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Note If you change the label for either of these Grand Totals, the other automatically displays the revised
Taking several cues from nature, I spent a few days creating sample piece textures in Photoshop. After nixing several wonderful samples, Lindi and I finally agreed on one of them: it had just the amount of randomness and imperfection that we were looking for. That left choosing the colors. Sounds easy right Not so much. I had found that using a single color for all the pieces was not an option, as all the pieces started to mix together, and confusion became a problem. We experimented with many looks pastels, muted colors, earth tones, dark colors, light colors but couldn t agree on the perfect look. If you re ever looking for a way to send your marriage into divorce territory, try choosing a bunch of colors with your spouse. Imagine picking a color to paint your house. Now imagine picking the colors for all the houses on your street. And imagine that the choices you make will be judged by millions of people around the world. But in the end, we came up with a winning combination that we both loved (see Figure 5-32), and we didn t even have to involve any lawyers!
Figure 9-3. The layer at the beginning of a fade-in
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