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Initializing an Array
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Combining Delegates
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.NET Remoting
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Garbage Collection Prior to .NET 4.0
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Figure 7-5. This is the first icon that Jan made for Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab.
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In this section, we ll explore the implementation of column level encryption introduced in Oracle Database 10g Release 2. First, we ll review how to use column level encryption and then look at the data storage implications due to Oracle s implementation, followed by a look at measuring the performance impact. (You ll find it to be a bit more performant than the prior manual approach!) Lastly, we ll look at the limitations the implementation of column level encryption imposes, of which there are a few.
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Figure 21-12. The syntax of the query continuation clause For example, the following query joins groupA and groupB and names the join groupAandB. It then performs a simple select from groupAandB. static void Main() { var groupA = new[] { 3, 4, 5, 6 }; var groupB = new[] { 4, 5, 6, 7 }; var someInts = from a in groupA join b in groupB on a equals b into groupAandB Query continuation from c in groupAandB select c; foreach (var a in someInts) Console.Write("{0} ", a); } This code produces the following output: 4 5 6
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When the application starts, we want the Rectangle to be its default color. When the Rectangle has a mouse over it, we want it to turn red. When the mouse moves off of the Rectangle, we want it to turn back to its default color of black.
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property. You need to always set the component ID by the id parameter.
Enterprise Services
Note On Windows, prior to running the startup command, you ll need to execute a service creation statement
Note WCF will be in beta development through 2006 and the implementation and functionality may
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