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15. The new constructor for MainView.xaml.cs should look like the one here.
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Figure 10-19. Layout of AssignView in ProjectEdit
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The only required message headers are To and Action; although, if you expect a response, you will also need to set the From or ReplyTo headers. Table 8-1 shows you the type that the header supports. Notice that the majority of the headers require endpoint references.
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5. Now copy this XAML and paste it four times, changing the values for the text as well as the
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Call From
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Deriving from a Generic Base Class
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Figure 12-2. Assigning a class variable and a struct variable
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CHAPTER 7: Code Optimization with Mike Lee, the World s Toughest Programmer
By specifying the names x and y as arguments to @ConstructorProperties, you are saying that methods named getX() and getY() are available to access the property values. And, of course, that x comes first in the argument list.
Understanding LinqBindingList
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