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Figure 1-6. The Windows Workflow Foundation architecture
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Table 13-1. Key Types Required by N-Level Undo
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Inter-Object Collaboration
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Completing the Framework
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class Program { static void Main() { LimitedInt li1 = new LimitedInt(); LimitedInt li2 = new LimitedInt(); LimitedInt li3 = new LimitedInt(); li1.TheValue = 10; li2.TheValue = 26; Console.WriteLine(" li1: {0}, li2: {1}" , li1.TheValue, li2.TheValue); li3 = -li1; Console.WriteLine("-{0} = {1}" , li1.TheValue, li3.TheValue); li3 = li2 - li1; Console.WriteLine(" {0} - {1} = {2}" , li2.TheValue, li1.TheValue, li3.TheValue); li3 = li1 - li2; Console.WriteLine(" {0} - {1} = {2}" , li1.TheValue, li2.TheValue, li3.TheValue); } } This code produces the following output: li1: -10 = 26 10 10, li2: 26 0 10 = 16 26 = 0
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Deque is short for double-ended queue (again, pronounced like deck, not de-queue). While a queue supports adding from one end and removing from the other, doubleended queues support adding and removing from both, like a stack and queue combined. The Deque interface extends from the Queue interface introduced with Java 5, and is the latest addition to the Java Collections Framework. Implementations of the interface include LinkedList, ArrayDeque, and the concurrent LinkedBlockingDeque. The LinkedList is the most typical usage of a deque. It grows without bounds and has quick add and remove operations at both ends. An ArrayDeque has no capacity restrictions either, and offers a wraparound index implementation for optimal performance. Neither implementation is threadsafe. If you need thread safety, that s where LinkedBlockingDeque comes in. The LinkedBlockingDeque class implements the BlockingDeque interface, which extends from Deque. The class can either be bounded or not. If no capacity is specified, its size limit is Integer.MAX_VALUE. Adding elements to a deque is done with one of three methods: void addFirst(E e), void addLast(E e), and boolean add(E e), where the last method is equivalent to addLast(). Lack of capacity causes an IllegalStateException to be thrown. There is also the concept of offering an element to be added with boolean offer(E e), boolean offerFirst(E e), and boolean offerLast(E e). Unlike the case of adding elements with the addXXX() methods, if an item can t be added when offered, false is returned. The boolean returned from the add() method is always true, whereas the boolean returned from the offer() set of methods indicates the success or failure of the operation. Removal of elements also has its pair of method sets: remove(), removeFirst(), and removeLast() for one set; and poll(), pollFirst(), and pollLast() for the other. The
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COUNT(*) ---------2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 COUNT(*) ---------1 2 2 2 1 2 2
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Programming with Web Services Enhancements 2.0 Matt Powell (Microsoft) Whitepaper (July 2003) Located at MSDN Home MSDN Library XML and Web Services
Projecting a Single Member
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