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Figure 4-13. Editing the interface for timeline markers in Expression Encoder If you define these dynamically, they are good only as long as a particular MediaElement exists and references the same video file. If you load a new video file into a MediaElement control, the timeline marker collection is reset. The Markers property of MediaElement acts much like a regular collection since it implements the IList interface. Here s an example of creating a new TimelineMarker and adding it to a particular MediaElement named sourceVideo: TimelineMarker mark = new TimelineMarker(); mark.Type = "Commercial Cue"; mark.Text = "First Commercial"; mark.Time = new TimeSpan(0, 5, 11); sourceVideo.Markers.Add(mark); Regardless of whether markers are defined in the media file itself or during program execution, you can use the MarkerReached event to perform custom processing when a specific marker is reached. The TimelineMarkerRoutedEventArgs class provides a Marker member to access the specific marker that was reached from the event handler.
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Calling a Silverlight Function from JavaScript
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In the end, this Vector3 is added to the position of your Model, and the rotation of your Model is adjusted. The faster your model is moving, the faster it will rotate. When you use this code, you will notice two flaws. First, your Model will never slow down, and it doesn t have a maximum speed. You want the speed to increase as shown in Figure 4-9 and saturate at a certain maximum speed. Using this code, your Model will keep on speeding up at the same pace. Second, if the Model is going pretty fast into a direction, after you rotate the Model, it will still be going in the same direction. That s pretty nice if your Model is moving over an ice plane, but in general this is not what you want.
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Figure 7-22. Adding an input to the functoid The string concatenation mapping process is complete.
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Sometimes you will want objects to carry out resolution themselves, and it is for this purpose the IDynamicObject exists. Normally dynamic objects are processed according to type, but if they implement the IDynamicObject interface then the object will resolve calls itself. IDynamicObject is used in IronRuby and IronPython.
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Introducing InfoPath
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Note In Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and above, you may set DDL_LOCK_TIMEOUT in order to have DDL wait.
ValidationRules Class
delegate void MyDelegate(int pValue);
In this chapter, I ll provide a short overview of Web Services as a technology. Then I ll quickly review Web Services and SOA to lay out the two primary ways people approach the design of web services: service-oriented and component-based. Then I ll discuss the creation of a Web Services interface for the ProjectTracker business objects in order to illustrate how business objects can support the creation of web services. That implementation will illustrate how to create both serviceoriented and component-based web services.
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