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Expressions Literals Order of Evaluation Simple Arithmetic Operators The Remainder Operator Relational and Equality Comparison Operators Increment and Decrement Operators Conditional Logical Operators Logical Operators Shift Operators Assignment Operators The Conditional Operator Unary Arithmetic Operators User-Defined Type Conversions Operator Overloading The typeof Operator
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The Project class is an editable root class that represents a single project in the application. It will follow the EditableRoot template, as discussed in 7. This means that it inherits from BusinessBase, as shown in Figure 8-3.
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// Create instance // Call method
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protected ICloudEntity QueryDependencyEntity(ICloudEntity entity, string key) { ICloudEntity dependencies = null; ICloudTableStorageService cloudTableservice = _cloudTableFactory.FactoryCloudTableService(entity); dependencies = cloudTableservice.TableContext().QueryEntitiesByPartionKey(key); return dependencies; } } } We re-engineered the Address class based upon these new definitions as Listing 2-22 shows. There is no cloud table entity upon which the Address entity depends, so the body of the overridden method _Initialization() is empty. Listing 2-22. Class Address Is Derived from the Base Class TableStorageEntity using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Web; System.Configuration;
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The sorted list is passed to another overload of CheckRules(). That overload is responsible for looping through the list and invoking each rule. It is also responsible for adding and removing items from the list of broken rules, which I ll discuss later in this chapter. Finally, if there are any dependent properties associated with the current property, their rules are checked too. for (int i = 0; i < dependencies.Count; i++) { string dependentProperty = dependencies[i]; result.Add(dependentProperty); CheckRules(rules, dependentProperty); } Another overload of CheckRules() is called here. It simply checks the rules for one specific property, without doing further checks for dependent properties. In other words, the dependent property concept isn t recursive. That s important because otherwise this code would have to check for circular dependency loops, and it would become too easy for a business developer to accidentally trigger checking too many properties when one property is changed.
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Figure 10-5. CslaDataProvider and CslaDataProviderCommandManager This allows controls such as a button to route the appropriate command to the CslaDataProviderCommandManager, which invokes a method on the CslaDataProvider to do the actual work.
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Saving the Data
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CslaDataSource Control
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