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Gets a read-only list of projects Provides read-only information for a project Gets a read-only list of resources Provides read-only information for a resource Gets a read-only list of roles Maintains a list of roles in the system Adds and edits a valid role
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Text TextAlign
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<asp:FormParameter FormField="ID" Name="au_id" Type="String" />
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Figure 9-14. Combining transforms using TransformGroup <Rectangle Stroke="Crimson" Fill="Crimson" Width="50" Height="50"> <Rectangle.RenderTransform> <TransformGroup> <ScaleTransform ScaleX="0.75" ScaleY="0.75" CenterX="25" CenterY="25"/> <RotateTransform Angle="45" CenterX="25" CenterY="25"/> </TransformGroup> </Rectangle.RenderTransform> </Rectangle> The TransformGroup class is used in this code to apply multiple transformations simultaneously.
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Figure 7-19. Internal member accessibility
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Figure 9-6. The while loop The following code shows an example of the while loop, where the test expression variable starts with a value of 3 and is decremented at each iteration. The loop exits when the value of the variable becomes 0. int x = 3; while( x > 0 ) { Console.WriteLine("x: {0}", x); x--; } Console.WriteLine("Out of loop"); The output from this code is the following: x: x: x: Out 3 2 1 of loop
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// The XmlSerializer takes the Type object as a parameter. XmlSerializer^ serializer = gcnew XmlSerializer(Plant::typeid); // Create a StreamWriter object to write to a file. StreamWriter^ sw = gcnew StreamWriter("plants.xml"); // Serialize causes the XML to be generated. serializer->Serialize(sw, p); sw->Close(); } Plant^ Deserialize() { Plant^ p; XmlSerializer^ serializer = gcnew XmlSerializer(Plant::typeid); // To read the file, use a FileStream object. FileStream^ fs = gcnew FileStream("plants.xml", FileMode::Open); // Deserialize and cast to object type. p = safe_cast<Plant^>( serializer->Deserialize(fs) ); return p; } int main() { CreateAndSerialize("Ampelopsis", "brevipedunculata", "Porcelain Berry", nullptr, SunEnum::PartShade, WaterEnum::Medium, 4); Deserialize(); }
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Note When defining a TriangleStrip, it s impossible to fulfill the culling rule, where you want to define each triangle in a counterclockwise winding order (see recipe 5-6). To solve this, culling is a bit special for TriangleStrips. The first triangle needs to be defined in clockwise winding order, and then the winding order needs to be flipped for each triangle (this will automatically be the case!).
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Right-click the ServiceSetup in the Solution Explorer again, and select View and then Custom Actions from the pop-up menus. This opens the Custom Actions window. Right-click the Custom Actions item, and select Add Custom Action, as shown in Figure 36-7.
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Wolfgang Breitling, Tuning by Cardinality Feedback, www.centrexcc.com/Tuning%20by%20Cardinality%20Feedback.pdf Wolfgang Breitling, SQL Tuning with Statistics, www.centrexcc.com/SQL%20Tuning%20with%20Statistics.pdf Cary Millsap, For Developers: Making Friends with the Oracle Database, http://method-r.com/downloads/doc_download/10-for-developers-makingfriends-with-the-oracle-database-cary-millsap Karen Morton, Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance, http://method-r.com/downloads/doc_download/11-managing-statistics-foroptimal-query-performance-karen-morton Karen Morton, Performance Instrumentation for PL/SQL, http://methodr.com/downloads/doc_download/8-performance-instrumentation-for-plsqlwhen-why-how-karen-morton
The integer literal suffixes are listed in Table 8-1. For a given suffix, the compiler will interpret the string of digits as the smallest of the corresponding integer types that can represent the value without losing data. For example, take the literals 236 and 5000000000, where neither of them has a suffix. Since 236 can be represented with 32 bits, it will be interpreted by the compiler as an int. The larger number, however, will not fit into 32 bits, so it is interpreted as a long. Table 8-1. Integer Literal Suffixes
At the time of writing, Windows Azure was not finalized, so functionality and screenshots may differ upon release. This chapter was written with Windows Azure Tools VS2010 Beta 2.
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