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You now need to turn your attention to the other branch of the Decide shape, wherein you must handle the possibility that the quantity is zero. When that situation occurs, you need to forward the message to another location: your discontinued folder. 1. Drag another Send shape out to the designer surface, just below the Else shape. 2. Open the Properties window of the shape and change its name to DiscontinuedSend. 3. Click the Message drop-down list and select acmeFlatFileMessage. 4. As you would expect, you need to create another port to facilitate the transfer of the message from the Discontinued branch to a physical folder location. Right-click the rightmost port surface and select New Port. 5. Highlight the new port and change its Identifier property to DiscontinuedSendPort. 6. Change the Communication Direction from Receive to Send. 7. Click the Port Type drop-down list, drill down into the Port Types node, and select acmeDiscontinuedPortType. 8. Connect the DiscontinuedSend shape to DiscontinuedSendPort by dragging the green notch to the appropriate connector. Your orchestration is complete and should now look like Figure 10-10.
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Figure 5-5. MMC Console displaying the Current User and Local Computer certificate stores This completes the installation of the certificates. But in order to use them from within ASP.NET, you will need to adjust permission levels for the ASP.NET worker process.
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Creating a new station couldn t be easier. Just touch the New Station button along the bottom row. Type in the name of an artist, song, or composer. When you find what you are looking for, touch the selection and Pandora will immediately start to build a station around your choice. You can also touch Genre and build a station around a particular genre of music. You ll then see the new station listed with your other stations. You can build up to 100 stations in Pandora. TIP: You can organize your stations by pressing the By Date or ABC buttons at the top of the screen.
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I often use an analogy to describe parallel processing and why you need both a large task and sufficient free resources in the database. It goes like this: suppose you have two tasks to complete. The first is to write a one-page summary of a new product. The other is to write a ten-chapter comprehensive report, with each chapter being very much independent of the others. For example, consider this book: this chapter, Parallel Execution, is very much separate and distinct from the chapter titled Redo and Undo they did not have to be written sequentially. How do you approach each task Which one do you think would benefit from parallel processing
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Web Service Access to the WSE API
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Type or Class
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When a base class implements an interface, derived classes also implement the interface, and, if the base class uses the virtual keyword on the members used to implement the interface, the derived class can provide its own versions of those methods. Listing 12-14 provides a demonstration. Listing 12-14. Inheriting and Overriding Interface Implementations interface ICalculator { int CalculateSum(int x, int y); } class BaseCalc : ICalculator {
class Program Formal parameters { static void MyMethod( MyClass f1, int f2 ) { f1.Val = f1.Val + 5; // Add 5 to field of f1 param. f2 = f2 + 5; // Add 5 to second param. } static void Main( ) { MyClass A1 = new MyClass(); int A2 = 10; MyMethod( A1, A2 ); Actual parameters // Call the method.
The BusinessBase class implements functionality in three areas: overriding System.Object methods, a strongly typed Clone() method, and data access methods. The data access methods will be added in 4; this chapter will only deal with the first two areas.
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