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Printing PDF 417 in VB.NET Business Objects

Figure 8-9 compares the two forms shown in the example.
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Having decided to use business objects and take advantage of .NET s ability to move objects around the network automatically, it s now time to discuss business objects in more detail. I will discuss exactly what they are and how they can help you centralize the business logic pertaining to your data.
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A simple export command will move your application out to the MSI file: BTSTask ExportApp -ApplicationName:12Demo -Package:C:\acme\12demoManually.msi After a few moments, the BTSTask utility will process and deliver as anticipated, as shown in Figure 14-18.
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hapter 6 introduced the idea of the PropertyInfo(Of T) class from the Csla namespace. This type allows a business object to declare metadata about the object s properties, and most importantly, it helps eliminate the use of a String literal to reference the property name throughout the business class. Although a business developer could use standard .NET property declaration syntax, it would require him to invoke the authorization, business, and validation rules; processing; and data binding behaviors of CSLA .NET manually in each property. To simplify the code required to utilize all these behaviors, CSLA .NET supports a coding model that is more abstract, allowing the framework to do much of the work automatically. The syntax is similar to that of a dependency property in WPF or WF, but the implementation behind the scenes is quite different. This chapter will focus on how CSLA .NET manages property metadata and helps a business object manage its property values to simplify and standardize business object code.
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Root, Parent, and Child Behaviors
Performance and Scalability
2. In the Properties panel name the new Rectangle MyRect. 3. Switch to the Events tab in the Properties panel and, with MyRect still selected, double-click
Custom Enumerator Class
TIP: If you use your iPod touch s Calendar app often, you might want to think about pinning or moving it to the Bottom dock; you learned how to do this in the section on docking icons in 6: Organize Your iPod touch.
Value Types and Reference Types
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