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Object Data Binding
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The CslaDataSourceDesigner class is the counterpart to CslaDataSource. Like CslaDataSource, CslaDataSourceDesigner is little more than a switchboard, routing calls to the CslaDesignerData SourceView object where the real work occurs. In its role as go-between, CslaDataSourceDesigner maintains references to the CslaDataSource control itself, and to the CslaDesignerDataSourceView object: public class CslaDataSourceDesigner : DataSourceDesigner { private CslaDataSource _control = null; private CslaDesignerDataSourceView _view = null; } CslaDataSourceDesigner is also responsible for telling the Web Forms page designer what capabilities are supported by the control. For instance, the CanRefreshSchema property is used by Visual Studio to determine whether the refresh schema option is available for the data source control like in Figure 5-8. CslaDataSource does support this capability, so the property returns true: public override bool CanRefreshSchema { get { return true; } }
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The BrokenRulesCollection class is used by ValidationRules to maintain the list of currently broken rules. Each broken rule is represented by a BrokenRule object. The collection inherits from Csla.Core. ReadOnlyBindingList and so is a read-only collection. <Serializable()> _ Public Class BrokenRulesCollection Inherits Core.ReadOnlyBindingList(Of BrokenRule) End Class Though the collection is read-only, it does provide some Friend methods to allow ValidationRules to add and remove items. These methods are used in the CheckRules() methods to ensure that broken rules are in the list only when appropriate. The Add() methods are pretty straightforward: Friend Sub Add(ByVal rule As IAsyncRuleMethod, ByVal result As AsyncRuleResult) Remove(rule) IsReadOnly = False Dim item As New BrokenRule(rule, result) IncrementCount(item) Add(item) IsReadOnly = True End Sub Friend Sub Add(ByVal rule As IRuleMethod) Remove(rule) IsReadOnly = False Dim item As New BrokenRule(rule) IncrementCount(item) Add(item) IsReadOnly = True End Sub Both overloads do essentially the same thing, but for asynchronous and synchronous rule methods. To avoid possible duplicate object issues, they first ensure that the broken rule isn t already in the list by calling the Remove() method. Then they change the collection to be read-write, add the rule to the collection, and set the collection back to be read-only. Although they could just see whether the collection contains the broken rule, removing and re-adding the rule is better, because it ensures that the human-readable description for the rule is current. The rule method could have changed the description over time. The IncrementCount() method is used to maintain counters for the number of Error, Warning, and Information severity rules that are broken. Each broken rule has one of these severities, and as an optimization, BrokenRulesCollection maintains a running count of the number of each severity that is broken at any point in time. The Remove() method is a bit more complex: Friend Sub Remove(ByVal rule As IRuleMethod) IsReadOnly = False For index As Integer = 0 To Count - 1 If Me(index).RuleName = rule.RuleName Then DecrementCount(Me(index)) RemoveAt(index) Exit For End If
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Tip Two references to the same object can have different types. See the section on polymorphism in 6.
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Assuming that you have completed the previous development steps correctly, your WSDL document will be in good shape, and you can trust that it accurately represents the messages and types that your Web service exchanges. You can use Visual Studio 2005 to generate the WSDL file. To generate the WSDL document, right-click the StockTrader.asmx file and select the View in Browser menu option. Append WSDL to the end of the URI, as in http://localhost/StockTrader.asmx WSDL The WSDL document will open in a new browser window. You can copy and paste the XML into Notepad and save it with a .wsdl file extension. You will need to edit this file in three ways: Remove dash characters from the WSDL browser view. Verify that the embedded type information (within the <types> tags) matches the type definitions within the XSD schema file you generated earlier. Remove the <service> element, which will bind the proxy to a static Web service location. (Instead, you will add a dynamic location to the client s configuration file.) Listing 3-8 shows what the processed WSDL document will look like, assuming that RequestQuote is the only operation that the Web service supports. Listing 3-8. The WSDL Document for the StockTrader Web Service Filtered to Show All Elements Related to the RequestQuote Web Method < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <definitions xmlns:http="" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:s=""
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Another COM-related change worth mentioning is that you no longer need PIA files. In previous versions of Visual Studio, when a COM component was referenced, Visual Studio would create an additional assembly to describe the COM DLL to the CLR (a PIA or Primary Interop Assembly). Unfortunately, these PIA files could get pretty large as they described every method of the COM object even if you were not using them. In VS2010 to stop Visual Studio generating PIA files simply set the Embed Interop Types property to True in Solution Explorer.
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1. In Visual Studio s Solution Explorer, right-click the OOP project. 2. Click Add
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Interfaces contain a set of specifications for methods and other members. A class is said to implement an interface when it contains implementations for all the members defined in an interface. In the following sections, I ll show you how to define, implement, and use interfaces and explain how they differ from other C# features such as abstract classes.
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