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Implement PDF417 in Java Creating asynchronous behavior for an EJB client

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Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and I encourage you to take a look at each to see which one feels best and fits the needs of your applications. We ll briefly cover them all and create a custom controller factory for each one. To demonstrate these IoC containers, we ll use a sample application that has an interface called IMessageProvider. Our controller will depend on this interface (in the constructor), and the implementation of the interface won t be known to the controller at all. In other words, it s decoupled from the implementation. We ll start with StructureMap.
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OrderInfo (Serialized Value Object)
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public void testMethod(){ Logger ejbSession = Logger.getLogger( "ejb.session" ); ejbSession.debug("Writing statement 1" ); ejbSession.debug("Writing statement 2" ); }
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@Override public DocIdSet getDocIdSet(IndexReader reader) throws IOException { StockAction action = getStockAction(); Retrieve the long lastUpdateTime = action.geLastUpdateTime(); service if ( lastUpdateTime != this.lastUpdateTime ) { cache.clear(); Clear } Check if in cache outdated cache
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17: LINQ
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Using the listener
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and then our helper methods which raise the event that will need to take a ProcessE ventArgs (see Example 5-26).
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After the asynchronous postback Going back to when the request was made, you included a callback function called _onFormSubmitCompleted. This method is now invoked in the browser to signify that the server has completed its portion of the processing. If any errors occurred, they re also caught here in the browser and the endRequest event is raised prematurely in the client-side event model. Included in the endRequest event arguments is information about the error. If there are no errors, the pageLoading event is raised, and the PageRequestManager begins to parse the data from the response and apply the updates to the DOM. Additional scripts are also loaded at this time, and the scroll position, which was recorded before the request was sent, is restored at the end. Once complete, the pageLoaded, load, and endRequest events are raised in their respective order. At last, the partial-page rendering pattern comes to an end. It s time to put this valuable knowledge to work and get back to coding. The best way to come full circle with all the information we ve introduced is to apply it.
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Constraints such as this are useful in lots of cases. We might want to ensure that some UI element not extend off the screen, or grow too big or small, for example. But equally, an online banking application that doesn t permit transactions less than $10 shouldn t just clamp the amount the user entered from $1 to $10 and carry on happily!
The third and final style of comments uses three forward slashes (///). This is an XML-style comment and is used for advanced documentation techniques, so we won t discuss it in this book.
Behind the scene graph
Cached term
The first step is to access the accelerometer, which is done with another call to a shared-object method B. Having this step on its own line is probably unnecessary, because you could perform the other two steps as nested calls, but we find this a lot more readable. Next, you select your update interval C, which specifies how often you ll receive information on acceleration. This is hardware-limited, with a current default of 100 updates per second. That s probably just right if you re creating a game using the accelerometer, but excessive for other purposes. We ve opted for 10 updates per second, which is an updateInterval of .1. You should always set the lowest acceptable input to preserve power on the iPhone. Finally, you must set a delegate for the accelerometer D, which is how you receive data on accelerometer changes. The delegate will need to respond to only one method, accelerometer:didAccelerate:, which sends a message containing a UIAcceleration object whenever acceleration occurs (to the limit of the updateInterval).
Empowering intuitive UIs
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