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Creation pdf417 in Java Using a database sequence to generate primary key values for entity beans

Let s look at an example of using the CommonsLoggingListener with the configuration in the example, and both commons-logging.jar and log4j.jar in Ant s lib directory. Here is a trivial build.xml file that causes a build failure:
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public class PortalWindow { private int id=-1; private User user=null; private int xPos=0; private int yPos=0; private int width=0; private int height=0; private String url=null; private String title=null; public PortalWindow( int id, User user, int xPos, int yPos, int width,int height, String url, String title ) { this.id = id; this.user = user; this.xPos = xPos; this.yPos = yPos; this.width = width; this.height = height; this.url = url; this.title = title; } public int getHeight() {return height;} public void setHeight(int height) {this.height = height;} public int getId() {return id;} public void setId(int id) {this.id = id;} public String getTitle() {return title;} public void setTitle(String title) {this.title = title;} public String getUrl() {return url;} public void setUrl(String url) {this.url = url;} public User getUser() {return user;} public void setUser(User user) {this.user = user;} public int getWidth() {return width;} public void setWidth(int width) {this.width = width;} public int getXPos() {return xPos;} public void setXPos(int pos) {xPos = pos;}
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Draw a border around an image.
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The Ajax craftsperson s toolkit
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The showNotify() method is called prior to a canvas actually being displayed. Alternately, the hideNotify() method is called after a canvas has been removed from display. The key and pointer event handling, paint and command callback methods can only be called if the Canvas object is actually being displayed. Like the high-level event callback methods, the event delivery methods are also called serially. Therefore, the device will never call any two event delivery methods in parallel. An event delivery method is invoked only after an earlier event delivery method returns. Commands with the Canvas A Canvas object is also a Displayable object and so can have Command objects attached to it. Therefore, a Canvas object can participate in high-level and low-level event handling. Commands are particularly useful for navigating to and from the different displays. However, the Canvas object was meant to provide an encapsulating drawing object for low-level user interfaces such as those required in games and geographical display systems. Some devices may not provide high-level command events when the Canvas and low-level user interface graphical elements are displayed. In this case, the device may provide a means to switch in and out of the command mode with the use of a hot key on the device. The Canvas object s showNotify() and hideNotify() methods are called during these transitions. HANDLING USER INTERACTIONS IN MIDP 113
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Mapping a composition bidirectional
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Table A.1 Hibernate Search annotation summary Name @Analyzer Description Defines an analyzer for a given entity, method, attribute, or field. The order of precedence is @Field, attribute/ method, entity, default. Can reference an implementation or an @AnalyzerDef definition. Reusable analyzer definition. An analyzer definition defines one tokenizer and, optionally, some filters. Filters are applied in the order in which they are defined. Reusable analyzer definitions. Allows multiple @AnalyzerDef declarations per element. Applies a boost factor to a field or an entire entity. Reference Section 3.4.1
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Listing 4.2 SOAP messaging over HTTP
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To pass arguments to the constructor of the base class, you have to pass them to the initializeBase method. Let s rewrite the constructor of the Pet class to accept the values of the _name and _age members as arguments:
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like to expose for this example, we ll use the same EDM we ve been using all along, so the steps will be the same as they were earlier in the chapter. To expose this data over HTTP, we add another item to the project under the Visual C# Web template category we choose the WCF Data Service template. We ll call the service MyData. Visual Studio will add a MyData.svc.cs file to the project, which needs some tweaking before it ll expose any data it assumes that it shouldn t publish any information that we didn t explicitly tell it to. The first thing we need to do is modify the base class of the generated MyData class it derives from a generic class called DataService, but the type argument needs to be filled in Visual Studio just puts a comment in there telling you what to do. We will plug in the name of the object context class:
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Table 4.1 Common GUI event handler properties in the DOM Description Triggered when the mouse first passes into an element s region. Triggered when the mouse passes out of an element s region. Triggered whenever the mouse moves while within an element s region (i.e., frequently!). Triggered when the mouse is clicked within an element s region. Triggered when a key is pressed while this element has input focus. Global key handlers can be attached to the document s body. A visible element receives input focus. A visible element loses input focus.
Figure 8.1 shows some of the entities and value objects in play within our domain model. The entities are the important objects in our domain model, such as Customer, Order, Product, and Supplier. With so many types in the diagram, you re probably wondering what s special about these classes and what makes them entities. The defining characteristic of an entity is that it has the concept of an identity, a property that can be examined to determine uniqueness. The reason we give these objects an identifier is that they can stand on their own, and we can speak about these objects without other supporting concepts. It would make sense to list a collection of any of these objects. Entities can stand on their own, and we can think about them in a collection or as a single object. Value objects don t make sense on their own without the supporting context of an entity to which they belong. Some value objects in our domain model are CustomerPriority and Address. Also, many properties of entities are value objects. Let s discuss CustomerPriority and what context is required for it to make any sense. A CustomerPriority has a value that indicates the priority level of the customer. It belongs completely to the Customer class; without Customer, CustomerPriority would have no context and would have no meaning. As a value object, CustomerPriority is defined by its properties and methods and has no identifier. It wouldn t make sense to list a collection or array of CustomerPriority instances because, without the Customer, it has no meaning or purpose. Its relationship with other entities gives it meaning. The Customer it belongs to and the status information it includes give it the context to convey meaning in the application, and when some other code needs the customer s priority, it must ask the Customer instance for the CustomerPriority. The Customer object will hand back this object. Like CustomerPriority, other types without identifiers are value objects. Value objects aren t glamorous, and even describing them can be boring. The arrangement of entities and value objects into larger structures can be interesting. Entities and value objects are useful in separating responsibilities in a domain model, but there s more. If we need to load a Product entity, what does that mean We see that our Product object can have many ProductCategory(s), and that each ProductCategory has a parent ProductCategory. Going further, a Product has a Price property. Orders and Suppliers all have a relationship with a Product. When we need to deal with a Product object, must we have all associated objects in memory for any operation to make sense The answer is no. In DDD, we divide our domain model into what are called aggregates.
Now that we ve looked at the numeric types, the structure of these lines is pretty clear. We start with the type of data we d like to work with, followed by the name we d like to use, and then we use the = symbol to assign a value to the variable. But assigning constant values isn t very exciting. You can get the computer to do more useful work, because you can assign an expression into a variable.
Trimming Whitespace
foreach (string line in strings) { if (line != String.Empty) { output.AppendLine(line); } else { System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("Found a blank line"); } }
public ActionResult AutoColumns() { return View(_peopleFactory.CreatePeople()); }
Figure 1.6 Right-click on an action to create a view.
A double-combo script
Figure 7.11 Additional columns on the join table in a many-to-many association
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