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Listing 3.5 Using XDoclet tags to mark up Java classes with mapping metadata
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Table 7.4 The mapping of join points in the template to specific join points for thread pooling. These join points will be advised to introduce the thread pooling. Template Join Point Resource creation Resource destruction Mapped Join Point The call to Thread s constructor and the Thread.start() method. The completion of the Thread.run() or Runnable.run() method. The target socket object forms the context collected.
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The first line removes the reference that the DOM node has on this object. The second line removes this object s reference to the DOM node. It doesn t destroy the node but simply resets this local reference to the node to a null value. The DOM node was passed to our object as a constructor argument in this case, so it isn t our responsibility to dispose of it. In other cases, though, we do have that responsibility, so let s see how to handle it. Disposing of DOM elements When working with Ajax, and with large domain models in particular, it is common practice to construct new DOM nodes and interact with the document tree programmatically, rather than just via HTML declarations when the page first loads. Our ObjectViewer from chapters 4 and 5 and the notifications framework in chapter 6, for example, both contained several domain model objects capable of rendering themselves by creating additional DOM elements and attaching them to a part of the main document. With this great power comes great responsibility, and, for each node created programmatically, good housekeeping rules dictate that we are obliged to see to its disposal programmatically as well. Neither the W3C DOM nor the popular browser implementations provide a way of destroying a DOM node outright once it has been created. The best we can do in destroying a created DOM node is to detach it from the document tree and hope that the garbage-collection mechanism in the browser will find it. Let s look at a straightforward example. The following script demonstrates a simple pop-up message box that uses the DOM to find itself using document.getElementById() when being closed:
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Deletes a file or directory, or set of files defined by a fileset.
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To get started, we need to download and install Gallio. Gallio includes an external test runner (Icarus), as well as integration with many unit-testing runners, including TestDriven.NET, ReSharper, and others. Also included in Gallio is MbUnit, a unit-testing framework that we ll use to author our tests. With Gallio downloaded and installed, we need to create a Class Library project and add references to both Gallio.dll and MbUnit.dll. Next, we need to download WatiN and add a reference in our test project to the WatiN.Core.dll assembly. With our project references done, we re ready to create a simple test.
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Modules and Structures
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17.6 The future of AppFabric
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This XML indicates to the ajaxEngine that an object registered under the identifier xyz should handle this response. The engine finds the object registered under the name xyz and passes the content of the appropriate <response> element to its ajaxUpdate() method. Well, it was a short day overall. We spent some time researching open source frameworks to boost our productivity, and we came up with a game plan for incorporating them into our component. We ve not yet written any code, but we have decided on a jump-start. We also have a good handle on a platform that will boost our performance, satisfying number 7 on our requirements list. Tomorrow we code.
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Console.WriteLine(ctr++ + ":" + subString);
14.6 Other action functionality
Object-relational mapping
Figure 1.8 Pageflakes is a great example of how a mashup application consumes data from multiple resources to enrich the user experience.
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It provides a method for exposing its schema information to the transformer, which can then be used to create the configuration screen. It provides a method for the interchanging of data.
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