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O/R. See Object Relational Mapping object 219 Object Relational Mapping 17, 224 introduction 257 with JPA 251 291 ObjectMessage 117, 119, 121 ocean 115 OHare Logistics 114 ojdbc14.jar 656 @OneToMany 224, 244 246, 278, 323, 525 definition 245 one-to-many 223, 244, 639 mapping 278 @OneToOne 240 246, 472, 525 bidirectional 243 definition 241 one-to-one 223, 639 bidirectional 243 mapping 273 unidirectional 240 @OneWay 561 onMessage method 61, 126 open source 12 OptimisticLockingException 460, 462 463 optionality 222 223, 243 Oracle 106, 182, 380 Oracle Advanced Queuing 112 Oracle Application Server 469 Oracle Application Server 10g 19 Oracle Internet Directory 205 Oracle TopLink 320 Oracle XE 656 order billing 57 order entity 44 OrderBillingMDB 44, 59 61 @OrderBy 476, 640 order-by 640 OrderManagerBean 185 ordinality 264 Also see optionality ORM 45, 573 Also see Object Relational Mapping orm.xml 447
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Asynchronous Message
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Application integration
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With a few typical patterns, you can implement policy enforcement using AspectJ. In this section, we introduce a set of examples to illustrate these patterns. These examples then serve as building blocks that you can use to create polices for specific kinds of applications, such as EJB-based and Swing-based systems. 6.4.1 Detecting the violation of a specific call pattern Consider a situation where, after learning about the logging kits, you have decided that using System.out or System.err is a poor way to perform logging. You may convey this to your team, and you may do a fine job the first time by simply searching through your code base for System.out or System.err and replacing those instances with a logging toolkit such as log4j. The problem, however, is that a few months later, some developer, perhaps a new person on your team, starts using System.out. Until you perform another search, it will go undetected. Using AspectJ, we can write a simple aspect, shown in listing 6.1, that will spot the calls to System.out.println() and System.err.println() at compile time, and issue appropriate warnings. If we include this simple aspect in our build system, it will catch any violations immediately.
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Why Hibernate
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Test Your Knowledge: Exercises
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Listing 3.3
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Most XML documents, for example, are encoded using the UTF-8 encoding. This is an encoding that lets us represent any character in the Unicode codespace, and is compatible with ASCII for the characters in the 7-bit set. It achieves this by using variablelength characters: a single byte for the ASCII range, and two to six bytes for the rest. It takes advantage of special marker values (with the high bit set) to indicate the start of two to six byte sequences.
6: Data and Data Types
Some areas of the My namespace are dynamic; classes are added or removed as you modify your source code. In Windows Forms applications, the My.Forms branch includes entries for each one of the project s forms. As you add new forms, new entries are added automatically. The My.Forms object then makes a reference to each form available for use in your code.
Some implementations may come out worse on some systems and better on others. For example, some parallel algorithms take a considerable hit relative to their sequential counterparts in order to be able to scale well on more processors. Such an algorithm might make sense only on systems where you have a large number of processors it might be slower than the single-threaded version on a dual-core system, but very worthwhile on a system with 16 logical processors, for example.
Environment variable
This type of iteration is necessary when processing XML data through all APIs, and is not specific to JAXB. It is a necessary part of traversing tree data structures like XML. We invite you to explore the full capabilities of JAXB at the URL given near the beginning of this section. This can be a very useful API in certain applications, especially those with serious performance demands.
EmployeeIntegrationTest.this.deleteAllEntitiesOfType(Task.class, EmployeeIntegrationTest.this.deleteAllEntitiesOfType(Team.class, EmployeeIntegrationTest.this.deleteAllEntitiesOfType(Employee. return null;
Right now, the code for Form1.cs should look like this:
The simplest description of the cache model is that it is a cache configuration. More specifically, it is the base from which all iBATIS cache implementations are defined. The cache model configuration is defined within a SQL Map configuration and can be utilized by one or more query mapped statements. The cache configuration is defined by the <cacheModel> tag, which contains the attributes in table 9.1.
private void GetFieldData(object data) { int.TryParse( data.ToString(), out this._data) ; }
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