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As in RolesEdit, this page caches the business object in Session. The details of that process are handled by GetProjectList(): Private Function GetProjectList() As ProjectTracker.Library.ProjectList Dim businessObject As Object = Session("currentObject") If businessObject Is Nothing OrElse _ Not TypeOf businessObject Is ProjectList Then businessObject = ProjectTracker.Library.ProjectList.GetProjectList Session("currentObject") = businessObject End If Return CType(businessObject, ProjectTracker.Library.ProjectList) End Function This method is the same as the GetRoles() method discussed earlier, except that it ensures that a valid ProjectList object is returned instead of a Roles object. This code allows the GridView control to populate itself with pages of data for display as needed.
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Signing in with your account is extremely easy. All you need to do is call the Guide.ShowSignIn method, which will allow the user to select an existing account or create a new one.
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Security Group: Security groups on EC2 are a bit like firewall configurations. By default, EC2 allows no ingress on any TCP port to your instance from the public Internet. Security groups contain the exceptions to that rule. Typically, a Linux instance would be started with a security group that allows at least port 22 (SSH) access. As you need an instance to accept connections on other ports, such as 80 for HTTP or 1521 for the Oracle listener, you can add those ports to one of your instance s security groups. A security group can be used by any number of instances in your EC2 account. Key Pair: In order to provide secure authentication via SSH, Amazon provides the ability for an SSH key to be preinstalled in the root account of any new Linux instance. When you create a key pair via one of the management tools, you download the private key to your local machine, and EC2 retains the public key. When starting instances, you specify the key-pair name. You then may log into the instance via SSH as root by specifying the local private key file. Instance Type: As of Q4 2009, EC2 instances are available in many capacities, ranging from small to quadruple extra large. For the purposes of providing performance expectations for instances, Amazon has devised a compute power factor called the EC2 Compute Unit, roughly equivalent to one 1GHz 2007 Opteron or Xeon processor. Table 2-1 illustrates the different instance types available, and lends support to the idea that pizza is a better model than clouds for cloud computing. Table 2-1. Instance Types and Available Resources
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Now, if we were to run two of these programs simultaneously, we might expect the hard parsing to jump to about 1,200/1,300 per second (we have two CPUs available, after all) and the CPU time to double to perhaps 64 CPU seconds. Let s take a look: Elapsed: DB time: 1.08 (mins) Av Act Sess: 1.98 (mins) DB CPU: 1.8 1.96 (mins)
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Recurring Events
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The Indigo Service Layer
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Adding a Photo to Contacts
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A local constant is much like a local variable, except that once it is initialized, its value can t be changed. Like a local variable, a local constant must be declared inside a block. The two most important characteristics of a constant are the following: A constant must be initialized at its declaration. A constant cannot be changed after its declaration.
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State in a File or Database
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WF itself is a programming model, along with an engine and a set of tools for building workflowenabled applications. The programming model is made up of exposed APIs that other programming languages can use to interact with the workflow engine. These APIs are encapsulated within a namespace called System.Workflow. That namespace will be part of the WinFX programming model, but can also be installed as an add-on to the existing .NET Framework 2.0. The easiest way to interact with the new APIs and namespace is through the Workflow Designers, which you can add onto VS2005. You must download and install WF (more on this in the next section) unless you re using Windows Vista as your operating system. When you download and install the foundation, WF gets bolted onto the .NET Framework 2.0 and VS2005. Within VS2005, you ll have new project types and will be able to import and use the System.Workflow namespace. The new Workflow Designer projects allow you to design workflow visually using the same drag-and-drop methods you use for creating Windows or Web-based applications. Within the designers, you build workflow much like you d create a flowchart with a tool such as
Figure 6-16. Row custom validation in the Silverlight DataGrid control
Optimization requires knowledge about all of the components within a system: the software, the hardware, the application, and the data. It s also important to understand how the application is used. By understanding all of the pieces and how they work together and impact each other, you are able to design solutions that perform efficiently. When the right balance of system resources and code come together, processes perform faster and more consistently. When systems perform inconsistently, it is an indicator that something within the system is out of balance. These indicators are the red rocks we need to find, measure, and optimize if we want to achieve our goal of robust performance. It requires knowledge of the system to design an effective test-and-measure approach, and at the same time, by measuring the system, we also gain more knowledge. By extending the effort to measure, we learn the reality of how the system functions. We get the opportunity to test our assumptions (maybe I should say hypothesis) about the performance of the database. Administering a database based on assumptions is a very precarious position because the system is bound to prove you wrong before too long.
Returns all the children of the current node, regardless of their type Returns all the current node s XElement child nodes or all the child nodes with a specific name Returns the current node s first XElement child node or the first child node with a specific name Returns all the descendant XElement nodes or all the descendant XElement nodes with a specific name, regardless of their level of nesting below the current node Same as Descendants but also includes the current node Returns all the ancestor XElement nodes or all the ancestor XElement nodes above the current node that have a specific name Same as Ancestors but also includes the current node Returns the parent node of the current node
Once you have your iPod touch in your hands, you'll notice how beautifully it is constructed. You will also notice that it can be fairly slippery and can easily slip out of your hands, bump into things, or get scratched when you are typing on it. And it gets smudged. We recommend buying a protective case for your iPod touch. Average cases run about US $10 40 and fancy leather cases can cost US $100 or more. Spending a little to protect your iPod touch, which costs $200 or more, makes good sense.
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