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Database time (DB time) is an important time-based statistic: it measures the total time spent in the database by active sessions (that is, foreground user processes either actively working or actively waiting in a database call). DB time includes CPU time, I/O time, and other non-idle wait time. Because DB time represents the sum of the time that all sessions spend in database calls, it can easily exceed the elapsed wall-clock time. Two user sessions working concurrently in a database for 1 minute generates 2 minutes of DB time. DB time is not the same as user-response time, as DB time represents the time that work was performed within the database, but not network latency or middle-tier processing time. DB time always increases when performance degrades, which is why it an excellent high-level performance metric for time-based problem diagnosis. For example, increases in DB time will occur in any of the following cases: An increase in load (either more users, more calls, or larger transactions) I/O performance degradation (I/O time increases and wait time increases, so DB time increases) Application performance degradation (wait time increases) CPU-bound host (foregrounds accumulate active run-queue time, wait event times are artificially inflated)
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The best place to start with a programming language is to look at a program. Listing 4-1 contains a simple C# program. Listing 4-1. A Simple C# Program using System; namespace ProjectNamespace { class Program {
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For those who don t care to download, install, or write additional software to manage AWS resources, Amazon provides a web GUI that makes it simple to provision and manage instances, storage, and more (see Figure 2-1). The AWS management console can be found at http://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2. It boasts simplicity and ease of use. Users quickly discover a few odd quirks. As you navigate around the screens, you will discover that you must click Reload frequently to register changes in your environment. Because the screens appear to be dynamically generated, this is unintuitive. Another drawback to the console is that it operates on only one AWS account at a time. If you have multiple AWS accounts, you must log out and log back in to see other account resources.
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Publishing and Deploying the Rule
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Native Code
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All you should do now is combine the Tangent-to-Object transform with the Object-toWorld transform by multiplying their matrices, so you obtain the Tangent-to-World matrix. The Object-to-World matrix is nothing more than the (very common) World matrix (containing, for example, the rotation of your tower), so you end up with this code: float3x3 tangentToWorld = mul(tangentToObject, xWorld); Output.TTW = tangentToWorld; You pass this matrix on to your pixel shader. Now your pixel shader can easily transform any vector from tangent space to world space by multiplying the vector with this matrix!
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