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ID: 10289 Name: King Customer: B's Beverages ID: 10355 Name: Suyama Customer: Around the Horn ID: 10359 Name: Buchanan Customer: Seven Seas Imports ID: 10523 Name: King Customer: Seven Seas Imports ID: 10532 Name: King Customer: Eastern Connection ID: 10538 Name: Dodsworth Customer: B's Beverages ID: 10539 Name: Suyama Customer: B's Beverages ID: 10599 Name: Suyama Customer: B's Beverages ID: 10804 Name: Suyama Customer: Seven Seas Imports ID: 10829 Name: Dodsworth Customer: Island Trading ID: 10848 Name: King Customer: Consolidated Holdings ID: 10869 Name: Buchanan Customer: Seven Seas Imports ID: 10933 Name: Suyama Customer: Island Trading ID: 10953 Name: Dodsworth Customer: Around the Horn ID: 11016 Name: Dodsworth Customer: Around the Horn ID: 11047 Name: King Customer: Eastern Connection Press enter to finish
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Figure 10-14. Placing the ZedGraph on a web form
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Before you can use an image file in your XNA project, you need to load it from a file. This involves reading the bytes, selecting the useful data, and running this data through a decompressing algorithm if needed. The same is true for other art assets, such as 3D models. Their data needs to be loaded from a file, and after a lot of data manipulations, a Model object needs to be created based on this data. This whole process that starts by a file on disk and results in an object ready to be used by your XNA project is taken care of by the content pipeline of XNA. Actually, each type of art asset has its own content pipeline. As you can see in Figure 3-5, a complete content pipeline consists of an importer, a processor, a serializer, and a deserializer.
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Note Partitioning is an extra cost option to the Enterprise Edition of the Oracle database. It is not available in the
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For example, when enum TrafficLight was declared in the preceding code, the compiler defaults for the underlying type and numbering of the members were accepted. Now that you know how to set these factors, you can create a declaration explicitly setting both characteristics. Figure 13-2 shows the declarations. The code on the left accepts the default type and numbering. The code on the right explicitly sets the underlying type to int and the members to values corresponding to the default values.
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