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Defines a value indicating if the user can edit text in the text box portion of the combo box. For Silverlight this property always returns a false value, since Silverlight does not support an editable combo box (which is not the case in WPF). Gets/sets the style applied to the container for the list box s items. Indicates the index of first selected item, or -1 if no items are selected (inherited from the Selector class). Indicates the first selected item, or null if no items are selected (inherited from the Selector class). You cannot select multiple items in combo box. Defines value of selected item (SelectedItem), received using the SelectedValuePath property (inherited from the Selector class). The default value is null reference. New property in Silverlight 4. Defines property path for the SelectedValue property of the SelectedItem (inherited from the Selector class). The default value is Empty. New property in Silverlight 4.
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Features of a .NET Class
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private void setButtonState() { installButton.IsEnabled = Application.Current.InstallState == InstallState.NotInstalled; } private void installButton Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (Application.Current.InstallState == InstallState.NotInstalled) { Application.Current.Install(); } } } } The UserControl Loaded method is an event handler for the Loaded method of the top-level UserControl in the XAML layout. It is called when the interface is loaded. I don t want the Install button to be shown if the application is already running out-of-browser, so I use the Application class to check the application status, like this:
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There s also an INotifyPropertyChanging interface, which is part of LINQ to SQL. It defines a PropertyChanging event that should be raised directly before a property is changed. Although data binding doesn t use this interface, CSLA .NET implements it, because the concept of an event that is raised before a property is changed can be useful in general. Not all of these interfaces are implemented directly by BusinessBase. Figure 10-1 shows the inheritance hierarchy for BusinessBase.
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CHAPTER 4: Other Sync Methods
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Reverse Pro*C
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Default Value
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IFormatter interface. Notice that this method returns an object, which has been cast to Person. It is the responsibility of the programmer to ensure that the object that is returned by the Deserialize method is of a specific type. Compiling and running Listing 23-3 produces the following output (you will need to have compiled and run Listing 23-2 to create the serialized object that Listing 23-3 deserializes): Deserialized name: Adam Freeman Deserialized city: London Press enter to finish Serializing an object makes a copy of its state at the moment it is serialized. This means that you can make changes to the original object after the serialized copy has been made, but those changes will not be reflected in the serialized data and will not be available when you later deserialize the copy of the object.
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Some streams are backed by other streams; these are called pass-through streams. When you write data to a pass-through stream, it is processed in some way and then passed to the backing stream, which in turn passes it to the actual data store. When you read data from a pass-through stream, data is obtained from the backing stream, which gets it from the actual data store, processed in some way and then returned to you. This is illustrated by Figure 20-6.
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While LINQ provides some great opportunities, it also presents special challenges to the implementers of frameworks. One of the chief reasons for implementing a business object framework is the reduction of UI code you need to write to implement a solution. Therefore, the ability to bind collections that inherit from BusinessListBase is a critical component of a framework like CSLA .NET.
Command-Line Options
Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525"> <Grid> <Button Content="Button" Height="23" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="132,94,0,0" Name="button1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="75" /> </Grid> </Window> The new element specifies that a Button control has been added and includes details of the text on the button (the Content attribute), the size of the button (the Width and Height button), and so on. You can design your program by editing the XAML directly or by using the property editor. Changing the Height attribute in the XAML has the same effect as changing the Height property in the editor. Using an XML layout document has some benefits over the code-based approach of other user interface toolkits, but they apply mostly to the producers of design and testing tools. Processing XML is a lot easier and less error-prone than processing C# code files. As an example, Microsoft has produced Expression Blend, which is a WPF-based design tool that allows designers to create WPF interfaces without having to use Visual Studio and generate code files. Whether you focus on the design view or the XAML view is a matter of personal choice rather than of need.
Sometimes if you need to find a specific piece of code it can be much quicker to use the search functionality rather than trawl through Solution Explorer. VS2010 improves on the existing search and search in files functionality with the Navigate To window. To bring up the Navigate To window, simply press Ctrl and comma or select Navigate To on the Edit menu. You can then enter a phrase you want to search for in your solution, and Navigate To will immediately filter results as you type, as shown in Figure 2-7. You can then click on these results to be taken directly to the results location. Navigate To will perform partial and in-string matches, and also supports pascal-casing searches (for example, BT would return a class called BigTiger). Navigate To supports all commonly used types of file such as C#, VB, and XML, and is much quicker and easier to navigate than previous search methods.
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