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Global Attributes
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Method Invocation
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When you use one of these methods, the value and a line terminator character are written to the stream. If you are writing to a text file, this means that there is one string written to each line in the file. Listing 20-22 provides an example. Listing 20-22. Using a StreamWriter using System; using System.IO; class Listing 22 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a temporary file name string path = Path.GetRandomFileName(); // create a StreamWriter StreamWriter myWriter = new StreamWriter(path); // write some values to the stream myWriter.WriteLine("Hello, World"); myWriter.WriteLine(true); myWriter.WriteLine(20172); myWriter.WriteLine(12.345D); // flush and close the writer myWriter.Flush(); myWriter.Close(); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Compiling and running Listing 20-22 produces a text file that has the following contents: Hello, World True 20172 12.345
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NOTE You can eliminate replay attacks by unauthorized clients by using an
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Private Shared Function TransactionalType( _ ByVal method As MethodInfo) As TransactionalTypes Dim result As TransactionalTypes If IsTransactionalMethod(method) Then Dim attrib As TransactionalAttribute = _ DirectCast(Attribute.GetCustomAttribute( _ method, GetType(TransactionalAttribute)), _ TransactionalAttribute) result = attrib.TransactionType Else result = TransactionalTypes.Manual End If Return result End Function If there is no <Transactional()> attribute on the method, then the Manual type is returned as a default. Otherwise, the TransactionalAttribute object associated with the attribute is retrieved and its TransactionType property value is returned. Back in the Create() method, the resulting value is used in a Select statement to properly route the call. If EnterpriseServices was specified, then an instance of Csla.Server. ServicedDataPortal is created and the call is delegated to that object: Case TransactionalTypes.EnterpriseServices Dim portal As New ServicedDataPortal Try result = portal.Create(objectType, criteria, context) Finally portal.Dispose() End Try As with all Enterprise Services objects, a Try...Finally block is used to ensure that the object is properly disposed when the call is complete. The details of the ServicedDataPortal class will be covered shortly. If TransactionScope was specified, then an instance of Csla.Server.TransactionalDataPortal is created and the call is delegated to that object: Case TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope Dim portal As New TransactionalDataPortal result = portal.Create(objectType, criteria, context) The details of the TransactionalDataPortal class will be covered shortly. Finally, the default is to allow the business developer to handle any transactions manually. In that case, an instance of Csla.Server.SimpleDataPortal is created directly, and the call is delegated to that object: Case Else Dim portal As New SimpleDataPortal result = portal.Create(objectType, criteria, context) Both ServicedDataPortal and TransactionalDataPortal delegate their calls to SimpleDataPortal too so in the end, all client calls are handled by SimpleDataPortal. By calling it directly, without involving any transactional technologies, this default approach allows the business developer to handle any transactions as she sees fit.
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ReadOnlyBase<T> ReadOnlyBase<T>
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The first line defines how many models you want the cubes to store before it is split up into eight child cubes. Before it s split up, you will check whether the future cubes would not become too small, so that s why you need the second property. Next, each node needs to keep track of a few things, such as the position of its center and its size. Each node will be able to store a few (five, actually) DrawableModel objects, which are stored in the modelList. To check whether the cube is in sight of the camera, each cube will also store a BoundingBox, so containment between the cube and the camera frustum can easily be checked for. Next is the list of eight child nodes. I ve given them full names, such as nodeUFL, which stands for node Upper Forward Left, and nodeDBR, which is node Down Back Right. You ll find this useful when you get to the part where you define their positions. In almost all other cases, however, you ll want to use them in a list. Feel free to remove either or both ways to your liking later. Each OcTreeNode you create will hold its own copy of the variables discussed here. The last two variables, however, are static variables, which means these variables are shared among all OcTreeNode objects. So when one OcTreeNode object changes one of these variables, all other OcTreeNode objects see this change. You ll want to use the modelsDrawn variable to check that your octree is actually working, and the modelsStoredInQuadTree is necessary to find a new ID for each model added to the tree. The first method to add is the constructor method, which actually creates an OcTreeNode object. All that is needed is the position of the center of the new cube and its size: public OcTreeNode(Vector3 center, float size) { this.center = center; this.size = size; modelList = new List<DrawableModel>(); childList = new List<OcTreeNode>(8); Vector3 diagonalVector = new Vector3(size / 2.0f, size / 2.0f, size / 2.0f); nodeBoundingBox = new BoundingBox(center - diagonalVector, center + diagonalVector); } The center and size are stored in the private variables, while both the modelList and childList are instantiated.
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