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Debug.Print(NumberParser.ParseDouble("1.23e2").ToString()); Debug.Print(NumberParser.ParseDouble("1.23e-2").ToString()); Debug.Print(NumberParser.ParseDouble("123e+2").ToString()); double result; if (NumberParser.TryParseDouble("1234.56a", out result)) Debug.Print(result.ToString()); else Debug.Print("1234.56a is not a valid number."); } } }
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// Read-only property
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Figure 6-1. The architecture of the DPWS stack The communication between a client and a service device is usually done using the following pattern: 1. Discovery 2. Description 3. Control 4. Events Both a client and a service device need to reference the MFWsStack.dll assembly, which contains standard Web Services components. Further, a device needs to reference the MFDpwsDevice.dll assembly, which contains DPWSspecific classes especially for devices hosting services. Clients need to use the MFDpwsClient.dll assembly, which provides classes for DPWS clients. Further, you need to use classes from the System.Xml.dll and MFDpwsExtensions.dll when building and parsing SOAP messages. Omitted features of the present .NET Micro Framework DPWS stack are WS-Policy, WS-Security, and support for IP version 6 (only IP version 4 is supported).
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The System.Diagnostics namespace contains two classes that you can use to debug your programs and test your program s logic. In this section, we will look at these two classes, see how they can be used, and explore the differences between them.
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// print out the hash code Console.WriteLine("Hash code: {0}", Convert.ToBase64String(hashCode)); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Listing 37-6 uses the SHA256Managed implementation class to generate a hash code for a string. There is no version of the ComputeHash method that takes a string parameter, so I have used the Encoding class to convert the string to a byte array. When you validate the hash code, you must be sure to use the same encoding; otherwise, the hash codes won t match. The hash code is generated as a byte array, so I have used base 64 encoding to convert it to something that we can use more easily. If you encode the hash code like this (or using any other encoding), you must use the same encoding during validation, or, once again, the hash codes won t match. Compiling and running Listing 37-6 produces the following results: Hash code: MxG3wL2Rtsc6OCEt6K3jHFGRDxdICtIS7SuXmKNbd0c= Press enter to finish You can also generate hash codes for streams of data, which allows for easy hashing of the contents of files. Listing 37-7 provides a demonstration of generating a hash code for a file called datafile.txt, which I have added to the Visual Studio project. The content of the file is as follows: This is a data file. Here is some data. This is the end of the data.
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Building the Receive Port
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other of two actions. The conditional expression is an expression. It should be used for returning one or the other of two values.
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As you can see, as we generate varying amount of redo from 2,876 bytes to 122MB, the difference in time to COMMIT is not measurable using a timer with a one hundredth of a second resolution. As we were processing and generating the redo log, LGWR was constantly flushing our buffered redo information to disk in the background. So, when we generated 122MB of redo log information, LGWR was busy flushing
Data Manipulation with Partitioning
State Machine Specific Control Activities
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