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Returns the name of the type Returns the namespace containing the type declaration Returns a list of the type s fields Returns a list of the type s properties Returns a list of the type s methods
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(EXE) file for a Silverlight desktop or web application.
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Note In C and C++ you can declare a local variable, and then within a nested block you can declare another local variable with the same name. The inner name masks the outer name while within the inner scope. In C#, however, you cannot declare another local variable with the same name within the scope of the first name regardless of the level of nesting.
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We ve covered lots of ground in this chapter too much to try to recap here at the end. If you ve read this chapter you likely hit upon one or two things that were of value. I hope the rest at least made you think about your workflows differently. The only thing left at this point is to point you at the object model for Workflow. Looking at that should round out the picture of what is possible. We re going to take a look at the object model in the next chapter.
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Figure 4-8. Exporting Deep Zoom project (images) as Silverlight Deep Zoom Classic project with source Upon clicking on the Export button, you will create a traditional Silverlight project with Deep Zoom capabilities. The Deep Zoom Composer also includes, as part of the generation, all the code necessary to hook the MultiScaleImage control up to user input. Between the MouseWheelHelper.cs class and the event handlers in Page.xaml.cs (in the exported Silverlight application as the output), users can click to zoom, use the mouse wheel to zoom, and also click and drag to pan around the scene. Key items of the generated project are GeneratedImages folder under the ClientBin folder. This folder contains the dzc_output.xml file and required output images (breakout images image parts) and output files MouseWheelHelper.cs helper class to support the mouse wheel operations for zoom-in and zoom-out functionality Page.xaml and Page.xaml.cs file representing the main user interface of the Deep Zoom application and key Deep Zoom code-based features implementation Images folder containing different icons to control Deep Zoom application features
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Eliminate Leaf Block Contention with Partitioning
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Make a guess: Sometimes by making a guess you can identify the bug right away. This isn t always possible, but when it works, you appear to have special powers. Raymond Chen calls this psychic debugging. It s really just a matter of having enough experience to know the source of a bug based on symptoms. If you can t solve the bug immediately, sometimes a guess will at least get you closer to the source of it in the code. Gather evidence: Solving a bug isn t the most difficult activity as long as you have a solid plan. Part of this plan is to analyze the evidence at your disposal usually bug reports, error/audit logs, analysis tools such as file/registry activity monitors, and so on. Conduct heavy debugging: If you haven t discovered the source of the bug yet, then now is likely the time to step through code in a debugger. This can be a slow process, depending on how close you can get to the bug, but it will typically give you a clear view of the system at a line-by-line level. Identify the solution: By now you ve found the source of the bug. Sometimes a bug fix is straightforward; other times you must be careful not to affect other parts of the system. A strong set of unit tests is invaluable at this point. If you fix the bug but introduce a new bug, or reintroduce an old bug (a regression), the unit tests can identify this and you can revisit your solution. Apply the fix: You ve identified the solution, implemented it, and verified it hasn t broken any existing tests. After applying the fix, you may have to update unit tests or add new unit tests. Accordingly, you will probably perform integration testing and regression testing as part of your functional and usability testing to confirm that there is no adverse effect on the applied fix.
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27-8, 27-9 27-10 through 27-13 27-14 through 27-17
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Purchasing a Song, Video, or Other Item
Local variables Class fields Struct fields Parameters Array elements
where and and and and and and group order
// Error! No constructor with 0 parameters
As we have discussed, a class is the blueprint for a type, and an object represents an instance of that type. We use the properties and fields defined in a class to differentiate the different instances. For example, if our class described people, we might have properties representing a person s name, age, and city of residence. A constructor is a special method that lets you prepare an object before it is used, providing initial values for properties and fields. Listing 9-41 contains an example. Listing 9-41. Using a Constructor using System; class Person { public string Name { get; set; } public int Age { get; set; } public string City { get; set; } public Person(string name, int age, string city) { Name = name; Age = age; City = city; } } The constructor in Listing 9-41 is shown in bold. There are four parts to a basic constructor like the one in the listing, and they are described in Figure 9-2.
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