namespace OOP { public abstract class Fruit : OOP.IColor { private bool _IsEdible = true; public bool IsEdible { get { return _IsEdible; } } public enum FruitColor {
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Figure 4-7 illustrates how myInt is stored in memory.
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Another thing you can do with the Activation Framework is map files to mime types. This is something your e-mail client typically does to see if it knows how to handle a particular attachment. The program in Listing 1-2 displays the mime types that it thinks are associated with the files in a directory identified from the command line.
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This distinction will be important later when you look at generics, since it is possible for a generic class to use either a reference or a value type, and it s important to be aware of the different semantics that each has, particularly when you don t know whether one or the other will be used as the type parameter of a generic type.
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Name Information Type Default Value
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object obj = nameArray[0];
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In order to support the enhanced for loop, the SQLException class now implements the Iterable<T> interface, where T is Throwable. The internal vector of SQLException objects can be looped through easily in the catch clause of your JDBC code.
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Combining the Steps
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Element storing instructions store a value from the stack in a vector element of an elementary type. All these instructions take the value to be stored, the element index (native int), and the vector reference (an object reference) from the stack and put nothing on the stack. Generally, the instructions can throw the same exceptions as the ldelem.* instructions described in the preceding section. stelem.i (0x9B). Store a value in a vector element of type native int. stelem.i1 (0x9C). Store a value in a vector element of type int8. stelem.i2 (0x9D). Store a value in a vector element of type int16. stelem.i4 (0x9E). Store a value in a vector element of type int32. stelem.i8 (0x9F). Store a value in a vector element of type int64. stelem.r4 (0xA0). Store a value in a vector element of type float32. stelem.r8 (0xA1). Store a value in a vector element of type float64. stelem.ref (0xA2). Store a value in a vector element of the object reference type. This instruction involves the casting of the object on the stack to the type of the vector element, so an InvalidCast exception can be thrown. stelem (stelem.any) <token> (0xA4). Store a value in a vector element of the type specified by <token>, which must be a valid TypeDef, TypeRef, or TypeSpec token. This instruction was introduced in version 2.0 of the CLR to support vectors and arrays of the type defined by a generic type variable. Special stelem.* instructions for unsigned integer types are missing for an obvious reason: the stelem.i* instructions are equally applicable to signed and unsigned integer types.
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Control Files
Once the client references the SoapContext for the request message, it can reference or assign WS-Specifications with the WSE API. For example, if the incoming request message requires digital signing with a certificate, then the
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