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Drawing a Rectangular Frame
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example, by contrast, requires no updates when you decide to use indexes with your collection. I ll discuss indexes more in the next section.
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How about the weather for the next few days in your city, or any city in the world Use the Weather app.
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This is an easy method if you have control over how the input data is produced. If it is easy enough to convert the data when creating the data file, this will work fine. The idea is to apply a SQL function to the data on the way into the database, replacing some string of characters with a newline. Let s add another column to our DEPT table: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> alter table dept add comments varchar2(4000); Table altered. We ll use this column to load text into. An example control file with inline data could be as follows: LOAD DATA INFILE * INTO TABLE DEPT REPLACE FIELDS TERMINATED BY "," TRAILING NULLCOLS
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Automating your deployment processes is a smart move, because it reduces mistakes, saves you time, and creates a repeatable and self-documented process.
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The redo buffer is where data that needs to be written to the online redo logs will be cached temporarily, before it is written to disk. Since a memory-to-memory transfer is much faster than a memory-to-disk transfer, use of the redo log buffer can speed up database operation. The data will not reside in the redo buffer for very long. In fact, LGWR initiates a flush of this area in one of the following scenarios: Every three seconds Whenever someone commits When LGWR is asked to switch log files When the redo buffer gets one-third full or contains 1MB of cached redo log data
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Figure 36-5. Adding a setup project Set the name of the project to be ServiceSetup, and click the OK button to create the project. Rightclick the ServiceSetup item in the Solution Explorer window, and select Add and Project Output from the pop-up menus. Make sure that the MyService project is selected from the drop-down box at the top of the window that appears, and select Primary output from the list, as shown in Figure 36-6.
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Accessibility of Main
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First, let s look at how you can construct component-based or API-style web methods. These are methods designed in much the same way you might have designed methods for MTS or COM+ components over the past decade or so. Each method accepts a set of strongly typed parameters and returns a strongly typed result. In the PTWebService project, you ll find several methods of this type, including the following: AddProject() EditProject() ChangeResourceName() AssignResource() All of these web methods follow the same basic structure, so I ll just walk through one of them: AddProject().
regular DateTime. The best approximation is to implement a Date property that returns the internal value: Public Property [Date]() As Date Get If Not mInitialized Then mDate = Date.MinValue mInitialized = True End If Return mDate End Get Set(ByVal value As Date) mDate = value mInitialized = True End Set End Property Notice the use of the mInitialized field to determine whether the SmartDate has been initialized. If the SmartDate instance was declared without explicitly calling one of the constructors, then it will not have been initialized, so the mDate field needs to be set before it can be returned. It is set to DateTime.MinValue because that is the empty date when mEmptyIsMax is False (which it is by default).
Creating a rule using this method and using the Condition property works the same for both Sequential workflows and State Machine workflows. The steps are the same for C# and VB as well.
Use partial methods.
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