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A couple of bells and whistles about <sound> are the duration and loops attributes. If source is a directory rather than a file, a file is randomly picked from that directory. When the build completes, either the <success> or <fail> sound is played based on the build status. Any sound file format that the Java Media Framework recognizes will work with <sound>, such as WAV and AIFF formats. Java 1.3 or the JMF add-on is a <sound> dependency requirement. A picture is worth a thousand words The new Ant 1.5 <splash> task displays either the Ant logo or an image of your choosing while the build is running. As the build runs, a progress bar across the bottom moves along with every event, such as a tasks starting and finishing (build events are covered in chapter 21 in detail). Figure 10.1 shows an example of using a custom graphic.
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Conditions available within <condition> Definition Exactly the same semantics and syntax as the <available> task, except property and value are ignored. Evaluates to true if the resource is available. Exactly the same semantics and syntax as the <uptodate> task, except property and value are ignored. Evaluates to true if file(s) are up-to-date. Evaluates to true if the O/S family (mac, windows, dos, netware, os/2, or unix), name, architecture, and version match. Evaluates to true if both properties have the same value. Evaluates to true if the property exists. Uses the same syntax as the <checksum> task, evaluating to true if the checksum of the file(s) match. Checks for a status code < 500 from a URL. Checks for a socket listener on a specified port and host. Byte-for-byte file comparison between two files. Tests whether one string contains another, optionally case-sensitive. True if the value is on, true, or yes. The negation of <istrue>.
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Ajax for ASP.NET developers
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Exposing EJBs as web services
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Run the program, and click the Yes and No radio buttons in turn. You should see that the panel is displayed when the Yes button is checked, and hidden when the No button is checked. As you saw in the previous chapter, the Visible attribute specifies whether the panel is rendered, and now you ve tied it to the value of the rbYes control.
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Mapping the unexpected: custom bridges
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Listing 5.5 A test class
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Add History control
If you ever need to change the name of your main .xib file, do it here, using either Xcode or a command-line editor.
GD::Polygon 40 addpt() 40 new() 40 GD::Text 30, 65, 207 FONT_PATH 65 version used in this book 30 GD::Text modules 207 GD::Text::Align 30 GD::Text::Wrap 30 GD s built-in fonts 44 geometry 277 278 Image::Magick 139, 277 Get() 263 Getopt::Long 167 GetOptions() 101 102, 145, 147, 217, 224, 226 Ghostscript 132, 278, 304 GIF 17, 24, 29, 67, 92, 122 124, 229 animation 125 GIFgraph 30, 62, 74 plot() 67 plot_to_gif() 67 Gimp 17, 22, 30, 134 add_layer() 136 edit_copy() 136 edit_paste() 136 file format 23 file_png_load() 136 floating_sel_anchor() 136 get_active_layer() 136 register 134 selection_all() 136 selection_none() 136 XCF 23 Gimp XCF format 23 24 Gimp::Fu 30, 134 Gimp::Image 136 Gimp::Layer 136 Glazebrook, Karl 32, 76 glue 4 gnuplot 10, 29, 55, 85 89 version used in this book 29 Google xix gradient 26
We need two columns to hold the x and y coordinates of our DHTML window. These give us the location of the window on the screen from the upper-left corner of the browser. The column names for coordinates are xPos and yPos. Two other properties we need to capture are the width and height properties of the DHTML window. These are all stored as integers in the table. The last two columns in our database determine the URL of the content within the window and the title of the content that the user assigns as a quick reference. All of the database properties for portal_windows are shown in figure 11.10. Now we need to enter some default values so we can perform some testing. We can add as many windows as we want for any of the users in the database table users. You can see in figure 11.10 that we have added three DHTML windows for user 1. In figure 11.11, the three DHTML window parameters give us the information needed to create three windows on the screen with different dimensions and positions. The three windows in this table display three different websites: JavaRanch, Google, and Eric s Ajax Blog. Now that the database table has been built, we have to get this information to the user when he logs into the portal. You ll see how straightforward this is in the next section.
In listing 12.1 you made a request to the development storage Table service. If you wanted to change the application to query a live service (such as a silverlightukstorage storage account) you d need to change the URI at q to http://silverlightukstorage. It s worth pointing out that although the URI in listing 12.1 is hardcoded, you could extract it from the storageAccount object:
The code to update the UITextField s text is straightforward. You append the text string. In the case of these methods, you insert a corresponding emoticon face based on which button the user pressed. Although this example is trivial, there are many uses for having a view on top of the keyboard. A more interesting example might display a list of words that autocomplete what the user is currently typing. You could write a system that tries to predict what the user is typing and creates buttons on the toolbar from the top five results. When the user tapped the button, it would complete the word with the word the user tapped. This would greatly improve the speed of text input on the device.
CGAffineTransform myAffine = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(.25*M_PI); CGAffineTransformTranslate(myAffine, 100, 100); CGContextConcatCTM(ctx, myAffine);
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