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Listing 12.15 Defining facts: debitRules.clp
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The Start Page
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Table 19-1. Attributes of @javax.ejb.Schedule Attribute
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Minimum effort, maximum impact: a quick shot of JavaFX
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lukemin.jar A standalone minimal JAR, containing Luke and Lucene. This JAR has no external dependencies either. Run it with java -jar lukemin.jar. Individual jars: luke.jar lucene-core.jar lucene-analyzers.jar lucene-snowball.jar js.jar
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Build a client component either a behavior or a control that encapsulates the client functionality you intend to provide to a server control. The real development of the extender starts. Determine which properties of the client component you want to configure on the server side. You can map them to a group of server properties and perform the configuration of the client component through the extender. Build the extender class, which provides the lists of script references and script descriptors to the ScriptManager control.
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First steps with the Microsoft Ajax Library
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This has been quite a long project, and along the way we ve dealt with a lot of important topics. We started by looking at addressing a web service and parsing the XML data it gave back. This is a vital skill, as the promise of cloud computing is ever more reliance on web services as a means of linking software components. Although we addressed only one Flickr method, the technique is the same for all web service calls. You should be able to extend the classes in the first part of our project to talk to other bits of the Flickr API with ease. Why not give it a try In the main application we threw nodes around the screen with reckless abandon, thanks to our new friend the transition. Transitions take the sting out of creating beautiful UI animation, and as such they deserve prime place in any JavaFX programmer s toolbox. Why not experiment with the other types of transition javafx.animation. transition has to offer You ll be glad to know that not only do we now have a nice little application to view our own (or someone else s) photos with, but we ve passed an important milestone on our journey to master JavaFX. With this chapter we ve now touched on most of the important scene graph topics. Sure, we didn t get to use every transition, or try out every different effect, and we didn t even get to play with every different type of shape in the javafx.scene.shape package, but we ve covered enough of a representative sample that you should now be able to find your way around the JavaFX API documentation without getting hopelessly lost. In the next chapter we ll move away from purely language and API concerns to look at how designers and programmers can work together and how to turn our applications into applets. Until then, I encourage you make this project s code your own add a text field for the ID of the gallery to view, and have a lot more fun with transitions.
Table 14.10
Table 11.2 Subtype values for fonts (ISO-32000-1 Table 110) (continued) Description
5. Click Add to add the second WHERE, and OK to return to the Wizard. Click Next and Finish in the Wizard; then switch to Source view to add the [Production] schema. 6. Back in Design view, click gvProducts, and enable sorting and paging. Apply a nice format if you like. You don t want to set either ddlSubcategory or ddlColor to Auto-postback, because you want users to be able to make both choices before the GridView does anything. The drop-down lists have AutoPostBack set to false by default, so that s no problem. You need something to trigger the postback, though, so add a Button, and change its text to Submit. Buttons are set to post back whenever they re clicked, and that s all you want it to do, so you don t even need an event handler for this button. Easy!
padding 91, 210, 241 numbers 94 95 PadNumberBridge 242 244 PadNumbers, example 242 PageRank 12 pagination 183, 347 performance 283 user limit 183 @Parameter 127 ParameterizedBridge 97, 242 parameters 97 parent node 438 ParseException, RangeQuery 210 parsing 202 partitioning, legal 295 PDDocument 420 PDF 90 from custom bridge 438 PDF metadata 421 contents field 424 field listing 422 inserting 421 PDFBox 418, 421 URL 418
Listing 13.12 Bootstrapping Windsor
List<FileNameGroup> filesGroupedByName = InspectDirectories(recurseIntoSubdirectories, directoriesToSearch); DisplayMatches(filesGroupedByName); Console.ReadKey();
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