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Given a source type and destination type, AutoMapper will assign values from source members, properties, and methods to corresponding members on the destination. It does this automatically, based on member names. Let s look at a couple of quick examples to get started. In the first example, we want to map from an object named Source to an object named Destination. Listing 18.1 shows these two classes. The names match up, so AutoMapper will simply map the value (and call ToString() on the Source.Number property).
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Once a case is matched, only the code for that case is executed; the rest of the code is ignored. In this example, the variable being evaluated is RadioButtonList1. SelectedItem.Value, the value that the user chose.
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private Command exitCmd = new Command("Exit", Command.EXIT, 1); private Command getCmd = new Command("Get", Command.OK, 1); private Display display; private boolean initialized = false; private static final String CONNECTION_URL = "http://localhost:7001/XMLExample.jsp"; protected void startApp() throws MIDletStateChangeException { init(); display = Display.getDisplay(this); display.setCurrent(inputForm); } private void init(){ if (!initialized){ inputForm.append(customerFld); inputForm.addCommand(getCmd); inputForm.addCommand(exitCmd); outputForm.addCommand(okCmd); outputForm.addCommand(exitCmd); inputForm.setCommandListener(this); outputForm.setCommandListener(this); initialized = true; } } protected void pauseApp() { } protected void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) throws MIDletStateChangeException { } public void commandAction(Command cmd, Displayable displayable) { if (cmd == exitCmd){ handleExit(); } else if ((displayable == outputForm) && (cmd == okCmd)) { display.setCurrent(inputForm); } else if ((displayable == inputForm) && (cmd == getCmd)) { getCustomer(); } else { display.setCurrent(inputForm); Handle } button events } private void handleExit(){ try { notifyDestroyed(); destroyApp(true); } catch (MIDletStateChangeException x) { x.printStackTrace(); } }
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The code uses native Java objects
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11. Go back to the .aspx file, click rbEmployee, and set its AutoPostBack property to true, so that the table will show as soon as the button is clicked. 12. Now double-click rbCustomer to create the rbCustomer_CheckChanged event handler, and add the exact same code. Also make sure to set rbCustomer s AutoPostBack property to true. 13. Test out your application. As you click each radio button, the table displayed should change. You will see some delay the first time you click the radio button, because the data for the GridView is being sent to the client, but after that, there s no postback, even if you change the page or sort the GridView. Example C-15 shows the markup file for Exercise 4-3.
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@PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name="EMP_PK") public class Employee extends Customer { ... }
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1. The user clicks on a button
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12.4.4 Verifying the signatures in a document The root certificates of CAs that are trusted by the distributor of the Java Runtime you use are stored in a file named cacerts. You can find this key store in the lib directory of the JAVA_HOME directory. Depending on the use case, different collections of CA certificates may be required, which may not include those already in that file.
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package 147 packet ID 309 packet, network 309 page control 140 parentViewController 74 parse method 281 parser:didEndElement:namespaceURI:qualifiedName: 282 parser:didStartElement:namespaceURI:qualified Name:attributes: 282 parser:foundCharacters: 282 parser:parseErrorOccurred: 282 parserDidEndDocument 282 password, saved on device 5 path clipping. See clipping path drawing, in Quartz 248 251 finishing 249 functions to define and draw 248 in Quartz 244 reusable, creating 249 251 unconnected objects on 248 pause 233 pause method, for MPMusicPlayerController 229 payload 318 payment, queueing 352 paymentWithProductIdentifier 352 peer adding to global peers array 300 determining which is client and which is server 308 looking for 298 sending and receiving data between 301 303 states 300 peer picker delegate 298 displaying 296 303 finding peers 296 303 type of peers being searched for 298 Peer Picker view 296 peerPickerController:didConnectPeer:toSession: 298 peerPickerController:didSelectConnectionType: 298
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The iPhone OS s methods
Anonymous types are a new feature included in Visual Basic to support LINQ, but you can use them in your own code as well. They are exactly what the name states: types without names. Well, that s not fully accurate. The types do have names, but they are generated automatically by the Visual Basic compiler, and they never show up directly in your source code. Consider a typical class designed to hold information on sushi selections.
This target has three phases. After creating the URL to the remote timestamp, it uses <waitfor> b to spin until the file is present. This is to give the server time to reload the application. If the file is present, then a <get> task retrieves it and saves it to a local file c. This is followed by a <condition> test to compare the two files, our original timestamp, and this newly downloaded version d. If they are not equal, then the target VERIFYING DEPLOYMENT 461
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Listing 16.5 shows this simple filesaver example. The objects, as usual, were created in Interface Builder: a UIToolBar (with associated UIBarButtonItem) and a UITextView.
Security and Ajax
all: project.jar project.jar: Main.class XmlStuff.class jar -cvf $@ $< %.class: javac $<
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