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Executing operation synchronously Executing: void javax.swing.JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(Component, Object) Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main]
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Apple s Canvas graphical extension is the easiest of all the libraries to incorporate into Dashcode. You just place a Canvas part from within Dashcode, and then you can write JavaScript code as usual.
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Abstraction Bridge Implementation
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Clearly, data security is about more than just keeping a piece of data protected from prying eyes. And it s not only prying eyes that concern us. Recently I experienced the Windows blue screen of death when I tried to synchronize the data on my desktop system with my electronic handheld scheduler. The potential for data corruption through the normal everyday use of technology is vast. Fortunately, the word processor I am using to type this chapter is fr f m su h r ptio
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namespace Exercise_14_1 { abstract public class Animal { protected int weight; protected string name; public Animal(int weight, string name) { this.weight = weight; = name; } abstract public void Speak( ); abstract public void Move( ); abstract public override string ToString( ) } public class Dog : Animal { public string Breed { get; set; } public Dog(int weight, string name, string breed) : base(weight, name) { this.Breed = breed; } public override void Speak( )
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Intercepting Lifecycle Events
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When push comes to shove and deadlines loom, manual tests are always the second thing (right after documentation, of course) that gets selectively ignored. Peril usually isn t too far behind. The next time we tune something without the safety of automated tests, our confidence will wane, and we ll fall back into a Thrash-tuning cycle again. Our stress goes up, the number of defects increases, and pretty soon we re burnt out.
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package org.example.antbook.tasks; import; import; import; import java.util.Enumeration; import java.util.Properties; public class DynaTask extends Task implements DynamicConfigurator { private Properties params = new Properties(); public void setDynamicAttribute(String name, String value) throws BuildException { params.setProperty(name, value); }
Learning about the WebKit Recognizing touch gestures Recognizing orientation
As you would expect, this arranges the numbers into ascending order. We would provide a comparison delegate here only if we wanted to sort the numbers into some other order. You might be wondering what would happen if we tried this simpler method with an array of CalendarEvent objects:
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Figure 13.9 The fading transition is taking place between message 5 and 6.
13.3.2 The Hibernate cache architecture
7.1 Finding the identity and role of the caller inside an EJB method
A third querying approach involves using the Hibernate ScrollableResults API. The ScrollableResults API offers these advantages over the iterator API:
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