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If Not IsPostBack Then message = CType(Session("message"), String) + _ "Home page first accessed at " + DateTime.Now + ".<br/>"
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 20, Snippet Item 10.
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The data stored in a Palm OS database comes out as a byte array. Because the symbol of the investment is stored in the front part of the data, we can simply check to see if the data, converted to a string, begins with the investment symbol. If so, we have a matching database record, indicating that a previous quote is stored in the database. When updating an existing record, the last current price becomes the new historical price. (Figure 10.2)
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Listing 9.6 Manually persisting relationships
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return System.Math.Pow(1.0 + (periodicInterestRate / 100),
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<hibernate-mapping> <class name="" table="CATEGORY" schema="AUCTION"> ... </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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@Entity @Table(name="CATEGORIES") public class Category implements Serializable { @Id @Column(name="CATEGORY_ID") protected Long categoryId; ... @ManyToOne @JoinColumn(name="PARENT_ID", referencedColumnName="CATEGORY_ID") Category parentCategory; ...
score => 0.9375 0.84061575 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(description:salesman in 108), product of: 1.0 = tf(termFreq(description:salesman)=1) 5.379941 = idf(docFreq=5) 0.15625 = fieldNorm(field=description, doc=108) score => 0.6629126 0.5944051 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(description:salesman in 471), product of: 1.4142125 = tf(termFreq(description:salesman)=2) 5.379941 = idf(docFreq=5) 0.078125 = fieldNorm(field=description, doc=471) score => 0.65625 0.58843106 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(description:salesman in 57), product of: 1.0 = tf(termFreq(description:salesman)=1) 5.379941 = idf(docFreq=5) 0.109375 = fieldNorm(field=description, doc=57)
CHAPTER 10 rL:Integer rR:Integer opL:Number opR:Number
Java application client Dynamic proxy Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII)
score => 0.6644006 0.6644006 = (MATCH) sum of: 0.28056857 = (MATCH) weight(description:spielberg in 15), product of: 0.5173574 = queryWeight(description:spielberg), product of: 4.338487 = idf(docFreq=16) 0.11924834 = queryNorm 0.5423109 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(description:spielberg in 15), product of: 1.0 = tf(termFreq(description:spielberg)=1) 4.338487 = idf(docFreq=16) 0.125 = fieldNorm(field=description, doc=15) 0.383832 = (MATCH) weight(description:war^2.0 in 15), product of: 0.8557694 = queryWeight(description:war^2.0), product of: 2.0 = boost 3.5881817 = idf(docFreq=35) 0.11924834 = queryNorm 0.44852272 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(description:war in 15), product of: 1.0 = tf(termFreq(description:war)=1) 3.5881817 = idf(docFreq=35) 0.125 = fieldNorm(field=description, doc=15)
// Illegal JPA QL SELECT e FROM Employee AS e ORDER BY
Once you ve downloaded the SDK, you ll find that it leaves a disk image sitting on your hard drive. You just need to double-click it and then click on iphone SDK in the folder that pops up, as shown in figure 10.1. This will bring you through the entire install process, which will probably take 20 40 minutes. You ll also get a few licensing agreements that you need to sign off on, including the iPhone Licensing Agreement, which lists some restrictions on what you ll be able to build for the iPhone.
License Agreement Only
static bool Test(dynamic x) { return x < 100; }
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