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Apple Methods: Create Fruit Variables: Color
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Within the ListBox.ItemTemplate, you place a DataTemplate; this is necessary if you want to show anything more than simple text derived from the data retrieved. In this case, you place a Border object within the DataTemplate, and within the Border object you place the Image object. It is the Image object you really care about (though the Border object helps with placement). The Image requires a source; here, you add Binding (indicating that you are binding to the current source), and you state that you ll be using the ImageURI property to set the Path. Because the source you re binding to is a list of ImageURL objects, and each ImageURL has four public properties (Path, ImageURI, Image, and Name), this is the critical piece of data required to tell the DataTemplate how to get the information necessary to create the image in the ListBox.
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float: right; Float-based layout font-size: 15px; padding-right: 10px; }
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More complex aggregations use aggregation functions. The following query finds the number of bids and average bid amount each user made:
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The ascent is the space needed by a glyph above the baseline, and the descent is the space below the baseline. In listing 3.8, you ll calculate the ascent and descent of the font Helvetica using the getAscentPoint() and getDescentPoint() methods.
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<select id="getProducts" parameterClass="Product" resultClass="Product"> SELECT * FROM Products <dynamic prepend="WHERE productType IN "> <iterate property="productTypes" open="(" close=")" conjunction=","> productType=#productType# </iterate> </dynamic> </select>
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Push notification services
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To test whether you understand the Visitor pattern, cover the lefthand column of the table below and see if you can identify its players among the items from the illustrative example (Figure 10-1), as shown in the righthand column. Then check your answers against the lefthand column.
variances in devices and the implementations within the J2ME architecture required to support a wide range of devices. Also, once the J2ME solution is in the field, will the organization be able to adequately support the implementation Another important consideration that is often overlooked is whether or not the organization is ready for a mobile and wireless solution. Are there issues with the existing infrastructure that make it difficult for the J2ME applications to access the necessary data Does the organization want to implement a mobile and wireless solution to compensate for an existing infrastructure that is insufficient In other words, if the infrastructure problems were fixed, would there be a need for a mobile and wireless solution As with any software development project, it is essential to have stakeholders involved early in the process. It is equally important that stakeholders understand how their organization and workflows will benefit or be impacted by mobile and wireless solutions. The next section illustrates the early stages of a typical development scenario.
Notice that we inherit from DefaultControllerFactory. We don t have to at the very minimum we have to implement IControllerFactory but by deriving from DefaultControllerFactory we re given some easier methods to override. The only method we need to override in this case is GetControllerInstance. We ll use StructureMap s ObjectFactory.GetInstance method to pull an object out of the container. StructureMap will notice that we have a constructor that accepts arguments and will try to fulfill those also. If you haven t registered any types ahead of time, you ll receive an error here. The last step is setting the controller factory. The following line of code will reside in the Global.asax.cs file:
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public class Multiplier { public int Multiply(int firstOperand, int secondOperand) { return firstOperand * secondOperand; } }
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Let s look at the files created in this project. (Look in the installation directory of this book s code for the Foreign Names subdirectory. I ve placed a copy of this mirrortext project there for you.) The source code directory includes a Form1.resx file, added by default to all new Windows Forms applications. But there is also a Form1. ja.resx file, the Form1 resource file for the Japanese language. Visual Studio will compile this file into a language-specific resource when it builds the project. At that time, the code s bin\Release subdirectory will contain a further ja subdirectory with a file named ForeignNames.resources.dll. This is the satellite assembly that contains all of the Japanese language resources. If the application had included multiple forms, all of the Japanese resources for all forms would appear in that single DLL file.
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