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Listing 4.3 Configuring local storage in the service definition file
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Where the client resides
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One still cloudy supposition is becoming clearer: The EJB container may be an idea whose time has passed. We may have reached a time to shift away from the component-oriented approach toward a model that lets the programmer choose the services that she needs to get the job done and consume those services more efficiently. Without such an approach, EJB will be saddled with deployment complexity, little flexibility after deployment, and less than optimal performance.
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by hand, it also gives us an opportunity to explore a few details of the data binding system that we might otherwise not have seen, so we ll go with that. The ListView control is in the Common Controls section of the Toolbox. When we drag it onto the top panel in the SplitContainer, we need to fix a few things with the Tasks pop up. First, we want the list view to fill the whole of the top panel there s a Dock in parent container task just for that. We also have to change its View the default is LargeIcon, but we need to change that to Details for the multicolumn view we want. And finally, we need to tell it about the columns, by clicking the Edit Columns task.
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package auction.customtypes; import ...; public class MonetaryAmountUserType implements UserType { private static final int[] SQL_TYPES = {Types.NUMERIC};
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Attach handler to click event
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test: [junit] Testsuite: org.example.antbook.cpu.CpuInfoTest [junit] Tests run: 3, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 0.371 sec [junit] ------------- Standard Output --------------[junit] Invocation time=761 cycles [junit] Total time=1514496 cycles [junit] Invocation time=151 cycles [junit] ------------- ---------------- --------------[junit] [junit] Testcase: testClockCallReturns took 0.221 sec [junit] Testcase: testClockCodeWorks took 0 sec [junit] Testcase: testJitOptimization took 0.02 sec BUILD SUCCESSFUL
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XML Script
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Let s start with a few examples so you understand the basic usage. In earlier chapters, we mentioned that there are three ways to express queries in Hibernate:
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Here we have two mixin classes and two regular classes. The Robot and Android classes might be character types, while the Motor and Weapon mixins might represent traits characters can have. As you can see, the mixin keyword prefixes a class definition to flag it as a mixin. Mixins are then inherited by listing them after the extends keyword, separated by commas. To implement mixin content in a mixee, we use the same syntax as for overriding class members in regular inheritance, including the override keyword. Using the code in listing 3.12 for reference, the process of mixing would be as follows:
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Advanced WebKit and textual web apps
Retrieving objects efficiently
The HTML that makes up the page in figure 7.6 is cached on the server and returned for subsequent requests for up to 100 seconds (the duration we specified in the OutputCache attribute in listing 7.5). Of course, we can vary the cache based on a number of criteria, such as a specific HTTP header value, or a query string value. All the features that worked with output caching in Web Forms also work in ASP.NET MVC. A limitation of the OutputCache attribute is that it only works at the action level. If you render other actions on your main view with Html.RenderAction("someAction"), the cached version of that action will be used for the partial HTML snippet. This is an excellent way of achieving page-fragment caching. If instead you use Html.RenderPartial(), the entire HTML document would have to be cached at the root action level. is a great example of this. The home page has many pieces of data on it, some of which are unique to the user logged in (see figure 7.7 for an example). Under heavy load, it may make sense to output cache the action for the home page, but the per-user content shouldn t be included in this cache. Here, Html.RenderAction can be used for the per-user sections, and the rest of the page can safely be cached. Now that we ve examined how to leverage the ASP.NET cache in our apps, we can move on to session state.
12.2.1 Mapping out the field service application
16.4.3 Planning on failure
Choosing the right CI server
Private Sub ActLocate_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ActLocate.Click ' ----- Prompt the user for a new license file.
In the conclusion of the Map class we have a set of useful functions for querying the map data and updating the player s position.
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