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There are numerous variations on the MVC theme in J2EE, and not every component shown in figure A.3 is required in every solution. Also keep in mind that it is easy to get carried away with the MVC pattern and design a solution that is overly complicated and difficult for developers to use and comprehend.
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UIResponder UIView UIApplication
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you can call the Sys.Debug.trace method anywhere in the code, passing a string with the message as an argument:
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Solution to Exercise 19-3. Create a rectangle, 100 200. Add three buttons to the application: one to rotate the rectangle clockwise, the second to rotate it counterclockwise, and the third to stop the rotation. The point to this exercise is to connect two separate triggers to the same property, specifically, the RotateTransform property of the rectangle. This isn t actually too difficult; you simply have two triggers with the same target. The Stop button also needs to stop both storyboards, but that s not difficult either. The XAML for this exercise is shown in Example A-58.
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Each mode has its own screen to display the configuration options that are relevant for that mode. As you can probably imagine, clicking on the link titled Create a connection to a Provider will switch the state of the connection zone from ExistingConnections to ConnectToProvider. Figure 3.8 shows what happens when you click on the Create a connection to a Consumer link to display the connection
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The result of this kind of declaration is that aspects matching the type pattern on the left dominate the ones on the right, thus taking a higher precedence. In this example, the precedence of TypePattern1 is higher than the precedence of TypePattern2. Precedence ordering considers only the concrete aspects when matching the type pattern and ignores all the abstract aspects. By controlling the aspect precedence, you can control the order in which advice is applied to a pointcut. For example, the following declaration causes AuthenticationAspect to dominate AuthorizationAspect:
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For now, let s put in a hardcoded test file location, and mark it for later update. I opted to use the old-style XML objects for this code because the new-style XML features we need to make the code easy to write won t be introduced until a later chapter.
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public class ImprovedEventDao extends AbstractDao { // Other methods omitted public void create(Event event) throws DataAccessLayerException { saveOrUpdate(event); } public Event find(Long id) throws DataAccessLayerException { return (Event) find(Event.class, id); } }
content in a more dynamic manner. We can also adjust any of the font properties as we think necessary. We take the login information d and move it to the right side of the screen. We use the float property and set the value to right. To make the text boxes uniform, we use the text-align property so that the content within the span is also aligned on the right margin. This gives our textboxes a more uniform look. Without it, the textboxes would not line up correctly since the string name is shorter than the password. We can also add some margins to adjust the position of the login information so that its right edge is not directly on the border of our header div. The last thing to style in our header is the slogan e. By setting the lineheight to the height of the div, we are allowing the slogan to be centered vertically in the header. We also set the font properties to make the text noticeable. Just as we did for the login span, we add a margin so the A in Ajax is not directly sitting on the edge of the header. After applying the CSS to our header, we can save the document and view how the CSS has changed the look and feel of the header, as shown in figure 11.8.
package GDTextWrap; $GDTextWrap::VERSION = 0.10; use strict; use GD; use Carp;
Distributed systems concepts
Ultimately, it s the bean instances created and managed by the Container that the service client requests.
12.3 Working with a CacheController
$ <xsl:value-of select="./price[@currency='USD']/@amount"/> </fo:block> </fo:table-cell> </fo:table-row> </xsl:for-each> </fo:table-body> </fo:table> </fo:flow> </fo:page-sequence> </fo:root> </xsl:template> </xsl:stylesheet>
@Entity @Indexed public class Dvd { ... @Field(index=Index.UN_TOKENIZED) private String ean; A ean is not tokenized }
Figure 6.11 Removing the application from the subfolder
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