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Setting up the presentation
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Describes the data source
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Had XDoclet not been present the warning would not have appeared and xdoclet.present = maybe would have displayed. The deprecation warning is saying that the <available> task is breaking the rules by using a deprecated method in Ant s API, but also saying that we, as build file writers, should carefully use unique property names for each situation rather than attempting to reuse them for other purposes. We recommend you avoid writing build files to take advantage of this property immutability loophole, as one day it may be closed off completely. Checking for the existence of a file or directory A property can be set, using a variant of <available>, if a file or directory exists. This is useful in allowing the build process to adapt, for example, to existence of a different Java compiler as you will see in chapter 4. An example of its usage is:
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SwingLabel { text: bind "Empty: {puz.numEmpty}" " Clashes: {puz.numClashes}"; } , SwingLabel { text: "Complete!"; visible: bind puz.completed; foreground: Color.GREEN }
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* These operations are known as tree traversals in data structures and algorithms terminology. The file size calculation would use a postorder traversal and the printing calculation would use a preorder traversal.
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import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet; import javax.microedition.lcdui.*; public class HiSmallWorld extends MIDlet { private TextBox textbox; public HiSmallWorld() { textbox = new TextBox("", Hi Small World!", 20, 0); } public void startApp() { Display.getDisplay(this).setCurrent(textbox); } public void pauseApp() { } public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) { } }
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Working with the service configuration file
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classpath="${build.dir}" /> <property name="the.message" value="blue scooter"/> <message message="${the.message}"/> </target>
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Some software products fulfill this need by using standard Visual Basic conditions.
The Service Endpoint Interface
shift; @_; ref($proto) || $proto; {%attrs, _pictures => []}; => $class;
With this addition, we know that it is almost impossible to deploy our project s WAR file if the JSP pages are incorrect. We say almost, because there are some flaws with the <jspc> task that could cause problems. First, the dependency checking is not smart enough to track changes files included into the JSP pages, or referenced taglib descriptors. If a TLD is changed, the JSP pages may need a rebuild, but <jspc> will not notice. Regular clean builds are the only solution. There are other issues too, some of which need addressing inside Jasper, and then the fixes pulled back into Ant. Using an up-to-date copy of Jasper is important, as is checking the online Ant documentation; maybe even the bug database ( for any Ant bugs with the word JSPC in the title. 12.3.3 JSP compilation for deployment Moving beyond compilation for testing, we come to compilation for deployment, and for deployment to more secure servers. For this to be viable using the Jasper compiler with <jspc>, the target system must be running a compatible version of the servlet engine, which currently means Tomcat 4.x. We are not convinced that the combination of <jspc> and the Jasper libraries are mature or stable enough for precompilation yet. 291
public abstract aspect ConcernAspect { abstract pointcut operations(); Object around() : operations() try { return proceed(); {
INSERT SNIPPET Insert 13, Snippet Item 5.
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