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The Return Statement
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So far, you know how to create client classes and how to expose client properties. In the .NET framework, namespaces are used as containers of classes in order to minimize name conflicts. JavaScript doesn t support namespaces, but you can simulate them using objects. Let s see how you can create namespaces in JavaScript using the Microsoft Ajax Library.
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Whenever an association is created between a parent Category and a child Category, two actions are required:
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Listing 2.5
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Listing 12.11 An aspect that implements the rule for enforcing a minimum balance
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Figure 5.1 A simple bar chart, created with GD::Graph, illustrating the basic capabilities of the module.
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Create the Datagram connection Create a new datagram and send a message Create a new datagram and receive a message Close the connection Display the message received Prepare a datagram and send a message Get the message in a byte format Load the message into the datagram Send the datagram Receive and display a datagram message Receive the incoming datagram Retrieve the contents of the datagram
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If you build and run the application, you ll see the final message displayed, verifying that the functionality was provided by the WindsorMessageProvider. Figure 13.4 shows the expected results.
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A.9 Producing useful warnings
Product Parts ------PartA PartB PartB Product Parts ------PartX PartY PartY
getReference() differs from find() in that if the entity is not found in the database, this method throws a javax.persistence.EntityNotFoundException and there is no guaran-
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Transactional Available in a managed environment only, it guarantees full transactional isolation up to repeatable read, if required. Use this strategy for read-mostly data where it s critical to prevent stale data in concurrent transactions, in the rare case of an update. Read-write This strategy maintains read committed isolation, using a timestamping mechanism and is available only in nonclustered environments. Again, use this strategy for read-mostly data where it s critical to prevent stale data in concurrent transactions, in the rare case of an update. Nonstrict-read-write Makes no guarantee of consistency between the cache and the database. If there is a possibility of concurrent access to the same entity, you should configure a sufficiently short expiry timeout. Otherwise, you may read stale data from the cache. Use this strategy if data hardly ever changes (many hours, days, or even a week) and a small likelihood of stale data isn t of critical concern. Read-only A concurrency strategy suitable for data which never changes. Use it for reference data only.
Transaction essentials
AspectJ language overview AspectJ Hello, world! The join point model The aspect construct
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