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Property Data Type
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Function Members Execute Code
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Output (Game OM)
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Deploying programs written for the .NET Framework can be considerably easier than it was previously, for the following reasons: .NET programs do not need to be registered with the registry. In the simplest case, a program just needs to be copied to the target machine. Side-by-side execution allows different versions of a DLL to exist on the same machine. This means that every executable can have access to the version of the DLL for which it was built.
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Business Class Implementation
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new public string Field1 = "Field1 -- In the derived class"; Hides the field in the base class public void PrintField1() { Console.WriteLine(Field1); // Access the derived class. Console.WriteLine(base.Field1); // Access the base class. } Base access
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Reverse PL/SQL
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Note This demo case is not really version dependent, and you can run it on Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, or Oracle
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The Emulator class (see Listing 12-25) inherits, as previously mentioned, from the EmulatorComponent class. In the next section, you will learn in which order the methods of the emulator are called when the emulator starts up. Listing 12-25. The Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Emulator Class using using using using using Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Battery; Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Gpio; Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.I2c; Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Lcd; Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Memory;
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Labeled Statements
Figure 5-20. The ChangePassword control Like other Web-centric Wizards provided by ASP .NET 2.0, the CreateUserWizard control can be updated with additional steps that address any application-specific user data. We ll allow the interested reader to dig into the details if you so choose; however, as you can see in Figure 5-21, the page designer provides hyperlinks that launch the process of adding additional pages (via Add/Remove WizardSteps ).
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