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Searching for Establishments Around Your Location
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Extending User Experience of LoB Applications
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stylesheets\screen.cs Defines application styles. stylesheets\error.css Defines application error styles and format. Manages unhandled application errors.
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Reinstalling the iPod touch Operating System (with or Without a Restore)
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The blob indexed in the PermissionSet entry of the DeclSecurity record contains an encoded representation of the permission set object. In versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the common language runtime, the blob contained simply a Unicode-encoded XML description of the permission set. In version 2.0 of the CLR, new, more economical binary encoding has been introduced. The blob begins with byte 0x2E (character .), followed by a compressed number of permissions in the set, followed by the encoded permissions. An XML text cannot begin with a dot, so the system identifies the type of encoding (XML or binary) by the very first byte. A permission encoding begins with the compressed length of the fully qualified class name in Reflection notation, followed by the name itself in UTF-8 encoding and without the zero terminator. After that comes the compressed size of the permission s blob, followed by the compressed number of properties to be set (can be 0), followed by the property encodings (if any). Unlike custom attributes in general, which allow both fields and properties to be initialized via name/value pairs, security attributes allow only properties to be set. The property encoding follows the same pattern as the property name/value pair encoding in custom attributes: it begins with byte SERIALIZATION_TYPE_PROPERTY (0x54), followed by the property type, followed by the compressed length of the property name and the name itself, and followed by the encoded value. To summarize: Permission set blob encoding: '.' // dot character <compressed_uint> // number of permissions in the set { <permission> } // set of permission encodings Permission blob encoding: <compressed_uint> // length of the class name (follows) <class_name> // fully qualified class name in Reflection notation <compressed_uint> // size of initialization blob <compressed_uint> // number of properties, can be 0 [ { <property> } ] // set of properties, absent if num=0
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128 to 127. 0 to 255. 32,768 and 32,767. 0 and 65,535. 2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647. 0 and 4,294,967,295. 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 and 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.
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The managed events I m talking about here are not synchronization elements, similar to Win32/Win64 event objects. Rather, they more closely resemble Visual Basic events and On<event> functions. Managed events provide a means to describe the asynchronous execution of methods, initiated by certain other methods. Figure 15-1 illustrates the general sequence of activities. A program unit known as the publisher, or source, of an event defines the event. We can think of this program unit as a class, for the sake of simplicity. Other program units (classes) known as subscribers, event listeners, or event sinks define the methods to be executed when the event occurs and pass this information to the event publisher. When the event publisher raises, or fires, the event by calling a special method, all the subscriber s methods associated with this event are executed. In a nutshell, to implement a managed event, we need an entity that can collect the callback methods (event handlers) from the event subscribers and execute these methods when the publisher executes a method that signifies the event. We have a type (a class) designed to do exactly that: the delegate type, which is discussed in 7. As you might remember, delegates are classes derived from the class [mscorlib] System.MulticastDelegate and play the role of politically correct type-safe function pointers in the managed world. The actual function pointer to a delegated method is passed to the delegate as an argument of its constructor, and the delegated method can subsequently be executed by calling the delegate s Invoke method. What 7 doesn t mention is that several delegates can be aggregated into one delegate. Calling the Invoke method of such an aggregated delegate invokes all the delegated methods that make up the aggregate which is exactly what we need to implement an event. The [mscorlib]System.MulticastDelegate class defines the virtual methods CombineImpl and RemoveImpl, adding a delegate (more exactly, the callback function pointer it carries) to the aggregate (more exactly, to the list of callback function pointers the aggregate carries) and
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6-1 through 6-4 6-5 through 6-12 6-13 through 6-17 6-18 through 6-22
CHAPTER 17: iPod touch Photography
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